Sunday, March 21, 2010

Victory at last. . . sorta.

Congress clears historic health care bill
AP – 9 mins ago

Summoned to success by President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled Congress approved historic legislation Sunday night extending health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and cracking down on insurance company abuses, a climactic chapter in the century-long quest for near universal coverage.

Gee, nothing like this has happened since. . . well, the 60s? FDRs New Deal? This is nothing new, no matter what the right tries to say.

Hopefully this will open the door to some more comprehensive health care in the near future. Progressive legislation usually happen in closely placed steps.

I look for a backlash that will be loud, hateful, laced with racist undertones and perhaps violent. The current mood on the right is dangerous. . . especially to themselves.


Herbert Weaver said...

I like what Olbermann was saying tonight. Basically that the Republican party is in its death throes not because there's any great backlash against them but just because they've proved themselves pointless and irrelevant.

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