Sunday, April 4, 2010

My education continues. . . thankfully.

So I'm sitting around thinking that geez, Obama's been kinda lettin me down. I didn't like him spending all that shit load of cash bailing out the banks, he hasn't gotten us out of Iraq yet and he's pushing it in Afghanistan. WTF is going on with this guy, doesn't he know anything. I'm sure I could get things done much better with much less debt than he's doing.

Yea, I think I know everything. I'm not a whole lot different than those dumb fuck teabaggers except I'm a self righteous liberal know-it-all fuck. . . well, I'm probably more educated, well read, experienced, compassionate and breath through my mouth a lot less than those creepy morons.

Just when I think Obama's letting ME down, I get my eyes opened up by a certain article in this month's Atlantic Monthly ( It's all about Obama's treasury guy Geithner, who I thought was a bumbling incompetent. Turns out the guy is fucking brilliant. Ya see, this guy's been working for the Treasury since the 80s and 90s when economies all over the world were tanking. He did a lot of liaison work between US Embassies in those countries and the Treasury Dept. He saw how these countries would be very reluctant to jump in and pump capital into their economies because it was politically bad. Also they hoped that their economies would solve their own problems without a lot of intervention. They never did and eventually, the countries were stuck with horrible economies that required huge sums of cash to revive. The Japanese waited years in the 90s before stepping in and taking control and it took 8 yrs for it to improve.
Geithner knew all this and had witnessed it. So when he was put in charge, he proposed hitting the economy hard and fast with cash. Stop it now or have a much bigger and more expensive mess later.
Now there were lots of folks who were telling Obama, 'no, don't listen to him. Spending huge sums will be political suicide. The economy will cure itself.'
Lucky for us, Obama listened to Geithner and today our economy is slowly but sirely emerging from the republican created cluster fuck. Economists are happy and many are saying there will be no "double dip" recession.
The other thing Gaithner proposed was to hold off on busting these CEO who fucked up the banks and investment firms in the first place. If the fed was too quick to bust these guys and impliment reform, it would scare off investors and keep the market low.
What did the market close at on Friday. . . 10,900? Glad Obama listened to that instead of the politicians who were telling him to crush Wall St.
Sure, it cost a shit pile of money that we didn't have. I wish there had been another way. I HATE seeing deficit spending. It really fucks with the conservative side of me, but it looks like it had to be done.
Then I read another couple articles on why Obama can't just yank us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It wasn't the old bullshit line about leaving a strong gov't either. IT was about what a cluster fuck we've created and how damn difficult it is going to be to extract us from those places without the void being filled with something really bad. Beleive me, we'd have been a WHOLE LOT better off leaving Saddam in Iraq. . . but most intelligent thinkers in this country know that.

It's difficult being President of the United States, especially when you're actually in charge and making the decisions. . . unlike some presidents we've had. . . recently.
You've got to get all the information you possible can handle and then make a decision based upon what YOU believe is best for the nation.
I'm glad we have someone as intellectual, thoughtful and capable as Barack Hussein Obama to handle the mess we were left with after eight years of having a bunch of dumb fuck corpo-fascists running the country.

Another thing I heard Obama say while listening to the TV with one ear in a restaurant the other day. . . "battery technology." Wow, a president finally puts it together. If we're going to exploit solar and wind, we've got to have better battery technology. Oil companies have been fighting gov't spending for this for years now. They know that it's a direct threat to their dominance.
I hope the president will push batter R&D and push it hard.
Until we have better (much better) battery technology, wind and solar will just be side bars.

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