Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fuck wads and pussies

Democrats carve exception for NRA to salvage campaign law
McClatchy Newspapers

By William Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers William Douglas, Mcclatchy Newspapers – Tue Jun 15, 7:08 pm ET

WASHINGTON — Several open-government advocacy groups said Tuesday that they support a deal crafted by the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives that would exempt the National Rifle Association and other groups from some provisions of a proposed campaign finance disclosure bill.

WTF?! Democrats in congress are the biggest bunch of pussies I have ever seen in my 50+ yrs of watching politics. They cave to these right wing fuck wads time after time, yet when the right wing fuck wads are in office they roll over the dems like the pussy dip shits that they are. So the dems are a bunch of pussies and the repubs are a bunch of fuck wads. What a surprise.


Herbert Weaver said...

I'd agree with all that. But it always strikes me as odd that self-serving Republicans who suck up to corporations and screw the people are generally viewed as ruthless c*nts. But self-serving Democrats who suck up to corporations and screw the people are viewed as spineless, almost as victims of their own greed. Could it be some residual thought that Democrats are still really the good guys and we feel bad for them that they've been led astray?

If there's anything the healthcare debate, the Gulf Oil Spill, climate bill, Guantanamo, etc., etc., shows it's that Democrat pols are just as devious, cynical and self-serving as Republicans. Man, I'm sick of this two-party sh*theap. If it means wheeling out Bernie Sanders and throwing around the dreaded 's' word... as long as we get some kind of third party option up in this bitch to balance the teabag nutjobs and the dysfunctional pols, so be it!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's an interesting perspective Herb. One I must consider. Perhaps they are just being corporate lackeys while making like the fuck wads are victimizing them.
Ya know, ya just wanna believe there are good guys out there even if they are wusses.

怡君 said...