Saturday, October 8, 2011

Radical right wing whack jobs. . . main stream republicanism and 2012.

It's been an interesting couple of months watching each new GOP candidate rise and fall like penny ante crack dealers on some rat infested low rent urban street corner. Each one has come out of the gate with their teeth bare ready to take a big bite out of the big dog in the White House, but in succession each one ends up squeaking in the corner like a shit house mouse. Every time one rises to the top the question becomes "Can Obama beat this guy/gal?" Well, it looks like he doesn't have to. The fucked up mess called the republican party, and by "fucked up mess I mean" the self fellating, shit eating, scumbags who guzzle the jizz of the pricks who run corporate Amurkkka, seems to be capable of beating no one but themselvs and their own puds. What a bunch of ignorant fucktards. Every candidate has taken a stand that placates the extremists on the right who call themselves teabaggers (see definition in for "teabagging"). When they do the extremists on the right, meaning; the mainstream republican party, gather around and praise their new leader like twelve year old teeny boppers at a Justin Beiber mall appearance. So why is the question "can Obama beat this or that GOP douch bag?" Why isn't the question "can this GOP douch bag beat Obama?"
Well, it seems irrational now doesn't it? There seems to be a lot of irrationality and lack of logic in the minds of political analysts and the voting public these days. Just like the teabaggers who rose up because they believed that Obama had "taxed [them] enough already" when in fact Obama has done nothing but lower taxes, and just like the teabaggers who scream "fascism" and "dictator" at the Obama administration but remained silent when Bush and Co. pushed for "the patriot act." And just like the tea baggers who were shocked at the spending the Obama administration pushed for and enacted to rescue the US economy but never whimpered a sound when Bush and Co. enacted sednig levels that had never been seen before or since, the protests against the Obama administration and the rhetoric from the mainstream press seem illogical.
I'm wondering, could there be reasons other than the ones being proposed as to why all the right wingers hate Obama and call him so many derogatory names. Could there be reasons other than logic as to why this president has received less respect than any president ever? IS it possible that the republican party and the other puppets of corporate Amurkkka in the media could be prompted to have a racist agenda? Yes, I said RACIST you bunch of blind, head in hole hiding ignorant mother fuckers! Take a look. Their rhetoric makes no sense to anyone paying attention to fact. Their lack of agreement with democrat policy and that of the Obama administration is fanatical and borders on hysterical. FACE FACTS! These mother fuckers don't like having a negro running the show. They have lived their lives believing that every black person in America is below them. Sure, they see black people in positions of power and authority, but they excuse that with snarky ignorant comments about equal opportunity and 'white people losing jobs jest becuz that guy is black,' when the fct of the matter is "that guy' probably worked twice as hard and twice as long as the white guy standing next to him to get where he is at. White rednecked racist hate that shit and believe me, they REALLY HATE that a black guy with a Harvard law degree is President of the United States. They hate it a lot.
Come on all you white people. Admit this shit. you hear the comments. You hear the racist bullshit. Sadly, most of you, even those of you who disagree, let it all pass. You don't turn around and say "what did you say?" "or "excuse me, what did you call the President of the United States?" or "I'm sorry, but I don't like hearing people talk like that, I find it offensive and totally unacceptable in modern civilized society." Then there's my favorite: "you dumb ignorant backwoods fuck. What did you just say?" But really, I don't recommend using that line if you're not a 6' tall 200lb. fairly intimidating looking white guy.

Sure, many of us are pissed because Obama turned out to NOT be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ who was about to save the world and the United States of Amerryca from itself. Yea, at least we wanted to have our environmental, economic, social and international diplomatic problems all fixed and tucked away in a disposable container by now. We wanted total and complete parity in the workplace and in society for everyone. We knew he would make all men strong and handsome and all women beautiful and all babies healthy and happy. Well, that didn't happen, so get over it.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is, "who ya gonna vote for?" Some twisted right wing whack job who panders to the lunatic fringe, and by lunatic fringe I mean every right wing republican white assed racist mother fucker with an opinion, or are you going to vote for the intellectual, rational and reasonable man who, despite his short comings is trying to enact a more progressive agenda for the United States of America and push us away from the rabis ignorance of the radical right.

If you are ready to throw in the towel and watch America accelerate it's long flow down the drain, then go for one of those teabagging morons. If not, shut the fuck up for now with the criticism and idle threats of non support and get behind the only candidate that has any sense whatsoever. NOW!

ed. note: I've heard that there might be more people reading this blog than is evident by the comments it attracts. If so, leave a fucking comment. One or two might encourage me to rant like a rabid hillbilly barnyard dog more often.


sharon said...

Rant on!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Preach it!

Herbert Weaver said...

Yup. Agreed. But I still can't get my head around the idea of having to vote for a failure with zero leadership skills just because he's less poisonous than the fucktards on the other side. Obama's trying to push the insane international trade agreement that'll further decimate wages, suck more jobs overseas and close down the last few manufacturing plants we still have left. Sorry, but few people are picking up on that... but WTF? He seems almost as determined to hasten American serfdom as the GOP despite his pretty words of support for the working class. Can you really blame me for not being 100% enthused to vote for cutting my own throat (whether it's slowly or fast with a rethug machete)?

mary b said...

Love This RANT!!

Keep on Rantin'!!

Ranadium said...

I left a comment, and now google knows my politics.

Ranadium said...

I left a comment, and now google knows my politics.