Thursday, December 11, 2008

More bad news from American industry

Boeing delays Dreamliner flight, deliveries
NEW YORK – Boeing is delaying the first flight of its highly awaited 787 Dreamliner jet to the second quarter of 2009 and won't ship its first delivery until the following year due to the impact of the recent Machinists' strike and production glitches.
Prior to the strike that halted much of Boeing's commercial airplane work this fall and cost the aerospace company $100 million a day, the 787 was to make its first flight by year-end. First delivery had been slated for the 2009 third quarter.
The Chicago-based company says the delay also is linked to replacing fasteners on some early production planes.
Boeing Co. says it is evaluating the delay's impact on customer deliveries and financial guidance.

This better be really good and worth the wait. Airbus already has it's 380 in the air, delivered and making commercial flights.
Are we watching the final demise of American aviation dominance?
There used to be three major airliner companies in the USA. Now there is only one and it can't seem to keep up with the Europeans. Compound that with the number of companies that used to make all sorts of airplanes in the USA compared with the few that do now. . . . g'night.


Hawa Bond said...

In other words, our Big Three Airliner companies fared not much worse than our Big Three automakers are headed?

I am sure some wise person predicted collapse when the U.S. jumped into the "Information Age" and jumped out of innovative manufacturing (aka abandoned the "Industrial Age.") Those aren't mutually exclusive, and I wish better balance had been achieved.

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SagaciousHillbilly said...

Hawa, "jumped into the "Information Age" and jumped out of innovative manufacturing"
Excellent analysis. I'll be stealing that line!
That about sums it up though. Even the information age has been pulled out from under us.

MacDaddy said...

Hard times a-comin for at least the next two years, I'm afraid.

rainywalker said...

We are likly to see a lot of delays for sometime to come. The next lander to Mars has been delayed for two years. Money and a problem with the landing system.