Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogojevich and the Man

Help me out folks. I'm a little confused.
Blagojevich is a scumbag. He's a little prick who decided that he would take his power to appoint the next senator from Illinois and use it as his own financial windfall. Politics don't get any more corrupt or recreant than that. They've got him on tape. They've got witnesses. The man has been indicted on federal corruption charges.
Blogojevich at this point has no credibility at all. Mr. Obama is right; he should step down and let others serve the people of the state of Illinois.
So instead of doing what he should do, Blogo has decided to act like nothing is wrong and he's in charge of things. As if he didn't betray every citizen of Illinois AND, when it comes to a matter of senate proportions, every citizen of the United States of America. Despite all that, he thinks he still has the right to appoint whoever he wants.

So what does he do? In an effort to give himself some credibility, he appoints a black politician who has been one of his staunch supporters and then he, along with another of his staunchest black political supporters dare the media, the public and the political establishment to reject the appointment of a black man claiming that to do so would indicate that they don't want to sit in the senate next to a black man. WTF?!
This claim to me, is reprehensible. So many people fought and so many people died to take us to the point we are at now in society. Martin's dream is alive. A black man is going to be sworn in a President of the United States in twenty days. From the thousands who were lynched, to James Meredith lying in the road in Mississippi, to Martin Luther King Jr. lying on that balcony to President Obama, how can these men trivialize that war by using such rhetoric to bolster the political career of a corrupt white politician?

I'm baffled. I'm baffled that this little worm could do something so absurd. I'm baffled that anyone would fall for it, but most of all, I'm baffled that two black politicians who have decent reputations would perpetrate this act. . . I mean, these guys aren't exactly Alan Keys republicans.

So help me out here. What am I missing? I want to understand.


rainywalker said...

Sagacious you don't have it wrong. Blogojevich really thinks he can pull this off. The way people think in this country he will likely get away clean. Happy New Year.

crystal dawn said...

If there's one thing corrupt politicians are good at, it's corrupting the political discourse.

themom said...

Hey, I'm as confused as you. Burris should have known that ANY announcement by Blago was going to be consdiered tainted - no matter how clean one's record. DUH!?!?

Happy New Year!!!

MacDaddy said...

Hey, Sagacious. Because I lived in Chicago off and on when I was young, I've kept up with Chicago politics. I don't know Buriss, but I've never heard a bad thing about him. From what i've heard, he takes care of his constituents. Black, white, whatever, they love him and kind of take for granted. If they want anything, he's there. He's a good politician.

But that's the idea, isn't it? By selecting Burris, the gov is saying,"See, I'm not a shady, greedy, corrupt politician. Look, I appointed Burris to replace Obama!"

And I know that senator is a dream for guy that's been working for years under the radar. And he's in his 70's now. But, truthfully, I don't think Burris should allow himself to be used this way. And no matter how hard he tries to serve his constituents as a senator, the stink of Illinois corruption will follow him throughout his tenure in Washington.

But I really don't think the people of Illinois is buying any of this. The real problem is that another good politician, one of the few good politicians in Illinois politics, is becoming corrupted by the guv.

LadyLee said...

Looks like a scam to me... Blago is trying to save his behind, that's all. And I doubt that Burris will be allowed into the senate...

arrozconpollo said...

I think Blago is trying to affect the jury pool for his upcoming trial.