Friday, March 13, 2009

Son of the Working Class

Here are some pictures of a man who is capable of doing whatever he decides he wants to do. He graduated from college with honors and Phi Beta Kappa. He chooses to fight for the rights of the working class in America. For some reason, trying to make life better for others is more important to him than the pursuit of wealth and easy comfort.
He is my son. I can't imagine how I could be more proud of him. He is my hero.
Just thought I'd post some picts of an All-American original.


MacDaddy said...

I remember you telling us that he was working on Obama's campaign during the primary. Is he fighting for universal healthcare now?

rainywalker said...

I'm sure you are very proud of your son and I love it when people exercise their constitutional rights. When I go out and protest your called every name in the world and then one little old lady comes by and makes it all worth while giving you a rose.

Geeky Black Girl said...

More power to your son! He is brave and doing what many people are afraid to do.