Thursday, March 26, 2009

West Virginia Pride - Part 1

Ahhh, the pride of being a West Virginian.
I get really tired of hearing people talk and reading blogs where people bitch, moan and whine like little babies about how others perceive West Virginia. I suspect most of these people are victims in many aspects of their lives and insist that every little thing that happens to them that they perceive as bad is someone else's fault. I grow weary of listening and reading these wimpy little dip shits.
Grow up. When you do, you may find that in order to change your circumstances, you have to change yourself. Aint nothing going to change until you change what's inside, how you act, what you do and how you do it.
Listen, if it's all someone else's fault, how are you going to change anything? You're going to change everyone else? Get real. Blaming the world for your problems makes you powerless. Taking responsibility give you all the power.

So in this series of post, we're going to take a look at some fucked up shit in WV and make a few recommendations for change.

One of the things that really makes us proud is our state legislature. This season of insanity has given us a couple real intellectual nuggets to be proud of.
First we have something called "The Barbie Bill." This bill is to make it illegal to sell Barbie Dolls and "other similar dolls" in WV. Some backwater stooge named Jeff Eldridge has decided that he's going to save the women of WV from themselves and from having bad body image. To do this he has introduced this moronic idea. Of course there is no way such a bill could pass constitutional muster, but such trivialities don't stop WV legislators. Afterall, we'll do anything to protect the body image of women in the state with one of the worse obesity problems in the nation. Fuck all that healthy diet and nutritional education, we'll just keep the Barbies away from them. Will they have Barbie Patrols at the borders searching for doll trafficers importing illegal Barbies?
Nope, never to let something trivial like constitutionality stop them, another legislative giant named Craig Blair has decided that all recipients of public service ought to be drug tested. Afterall, says representative Blair, other people in some jobs have to be tested, so why not welfare recipients. Hey, guess what monkeyboy, those "other" people have safety sensitive jobs and all that I know of have programs whereby if they test positive, they are sent to treatment and treated as people with an illness called "addiction."
Where does WV come up with these people?
Meanwhile, a bottle bill has finally, after five years, made it out of legislative committee. It'll probably never see a vote and if it does, will be defeated, because after all, there are corporate interests who are very active in opposing it.

So how do we change our legislature? Vote and know who you're voting for. Quit electing morons. From the governor to the mayor of the capital city, we've got morons in office. Uncreative, wimpy, unproductive buffoons.
Who's to blame? People from out-of-state who think we're backwoods hicks? Nope, only ourselves.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Brilliantly stated, I always wonder how these buffoons get I know...LMAO!

Yes as the Barbie bill is under debate the WV Tourism Council wants to make sure that we don't know what the hell is in our's bad for tourists to know...OMG...WTF...yet again!


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