Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Charges dropped against W.Va. native Gates
BOSTON -- Prosecutors have dropped a disorderly conduct charge against prominent black Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., who was arrested at his home after a reported break-in.

Just when you started to think it was getting safe out there!

You gotta be fucking kidding me! Can we have a little outrage?!?! Will somebody slap the shit outta the rednecked thug cop who pulled this one?

I really do hope that Mr. Gates ("Skip" to his WV home-boys) doesn't just let this drop.

See, I try and have fun and not take everything so damn serious and then some dickwad motherfucking redneck prick cop comes along and does some stupid shit like this . . . .

Here's how it shoulda gone:
HLG: Here's my ID.
Cop: OMG! You're Henry Louis Gates? Oh, I'm so sorry Mr. Gates. Is there anything we can do to help you? No? Well, it's an honor to meet you sir. Sorry to have bothered you. Have a nice evening.

but noooooooo. . . the fucking moron, like the majority of white Amurkkkin fucking morons didn't recognize Mr. Gates or have any clue who one of the greatest scholars of the 20/21st Century was. Nope, he only saw a black guy with a backpack. . . and he probably didn't call him a "black guy."

Yea, I try and not take things too serious.


Stimpson said...

The police spokesperson at a news conference said the incident shouldn't reflect badly on Cambridge police. Now that's wishful thinking.

MacDaddy said...

Reportedly, Gates showed the cops his ID and said, "Do you know who you're messing with?" as if these white cops are going to know.

Just one more reason we need to know about each other's culture. Let's hope Mr. Gates isn't still feeling traumatized by this.

MacDaddy said...

By the way, welcome back!

themom said...

Welcome back. After the I.D. was shown, the fukktard cops then called for "back-up!" WTF is up with that? When will the racial profiling stop? I'm afraid NOT in my lifetime....and I hate it!

Cheron L. Hall said...


rainywalker said...

Wasn't there so I do not know completely what happened. But I do know white or black its better to just stay calm, answer the questions and we all go home. Anyone knows you get in a officers face angry and your likly going to jail. They should have had the desk sergeant come out if there was a problem. But I do not approve of power hungry or racist civil servants.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainey, you have a good point. My father always told me and I always told my children. . . whatever a cop says, always answer clearly with "yes sir" or "no sir." Be as courteous and civil as you possibly can be. Cops will beat the shit outta you if they have a mind to. It's better to swallow your pride a little than to take a hard ass beating. If your civil liberties are vilated we can deal with that later.
Now, having said that, it comes from the perspective of a white male who has a long history of getting over on the cops by being charming, extremely contrite but also acting in a confident 'one of the boys' sorta way. Being able to do that is part of having 'white privilege." I know, that if I were a black man, there was more than one night when at best, my ass would have sat in a jail cell.
I have never forgot that sad fact and will always remember and mention it.
Daddy, You are so right. We need to know one another.
Cheron, Wasso funny? you aint lookin all ugly agin are ya?

The Trash said...

So, have any of you race demagogues rethought this since the facts were revealed, or are you still editing reality to align with your victim complex?

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

Ya know? I tangled with an obnoxcious Super Trooper a year ago. I'm sick to death of abuses of power and I'm sick to death of having to treat those abusers with more respect than I receive just to keep my ass out of jail.

I'll quit whining now.


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