Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The meaning of life!

Yes, it's been decided. . . . by me. There is only one purpose in life. Nothing else matters. Everything else is a scam.
The sole purpose of life is to enjoy life. Have fun and be happy. And think about it: isn't that what everyone really wants despite the misery they live with?
Fuck all the serious bullshit. Get over all the childhood trauma. Just have fun. Maybe if we did that, our children wouldn't have to deal with "childhood trauma."
I'm tired of the merry-go-round of self analysis and trying to figure out why I did this or you did that which made me feel this, etc., etc. AD NAUSEUM!!!!
Get over it all and just have fun.

I'm going to go have fun and smoke some pig meat. I stopped at a road side stand just outside the St. Pete, FL airport last week and had some of the best ribs I'd ever tasted. I'm inspired. I gotta go do some rubbed and cooked low and slow my way.
I'm also going to climb on my tractor and cut the weeds that are infesting my pasture fields. When nightfall comes I'll be floating in my little swimming pool watching the stars.

That's what I'm going to do for fun the rest of the week. What have you got planned?


Stimpson said...

SH, I didn't notice this post until today. Soon, I hope to get back to the fun-seeking part of life. Right now I have work to do, and I'm playing hooky from that by visiting your blog. (My fault, not yours. But you could try being a little less interesting.) And then there's all that political stuff that can distract me from the fun.

Hope your summer is fun and productive!

MountainLaurel said...

For fun: back to blogging. Watch that space for an important update! Also a lunch with a new friend and a weekend with 2 of my oldest friends.

Oh, and this morning I said "frigate" repeatedly after hearing it on a news show this morning. Frigate! Frigate! isn't that fun to say?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Laurel, I love saying the word "frigate." A frigate is one of the main characters in my current favorite novel(s). One or two of these novels by Patrick O'Brian were adapted for the big screen in "Master and commander: The Far Side of the World."
Yes, a three masted frigate w/ 32 guns and well raked masts in full sail is certainly a sight to behold. Someday I intend to behold it.

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