Friday, February 19, 2010

The good die young

How is it that a royal prick like this and many other American fascists live to be 85 while guys like Abraham Lincoln, JFK. . . .

I remember sitting in a grocery store parking lot listening to Haig on the radio shortly after Reagan was shot (another miscarriage of karmic justice) claiming that according to the rules of succession, as chief of staff or whatever he was at the time, he was in charge of the country. I thought, "oh fuck, we've got a military coup going on."
This guy was one of the worse of the bad guys.

Haig, top adviser to 3 presidents, hospitalized
BALTIMORE – Former secretary of state and presidential adviser Alexander Haig is in critical condition at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Hospital spokesman Gary Stephenson said Friday that the 85-year-old was admitted Jan. 28 and remains in critical condition. Stephenson says he cannot say why Haig is hospitalized.

The four-star general served as a top adviser to three presidents and had presidential ambitions of his own. President Richard Nixon appointed him White House chief of staff in 1973. In that role, Haig helped the president prepare his impeachment defense and handled many of the day-to-day decisions normally made by the chief executive.

Haig later served as secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan.


Herbert Weaver said...

He's dead now though ain't he? But, yes, totally agree. One of the hardest parts of life is getting older... parents, relatives, friends, people you look up to as role models start dying off. But cocksuckers like Cheney, Kissinger and the like just go like energizer bunnies of evil.

They tell me life isn't meant to be fair but I like to believe there's some kind of redress after death. Not cartoon hell, but some kind of karmic parallel universe where evil people naturally gravitate to - not through judgment by God but just under their own steam. Anyway... if I get to 'Heaven' and Alexander Haig's there I'm demanding a retrial!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, apparently the fucker died. No loss to humanity that's for sure.

I know what you mean Herb. My father died at 60 and he never hurt anybody ('cept me a few times).