Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strange standards in the USA

I might be an old man, but I'm not THAT old. I can still hold my own with younger bucks and does. To prove that, I recently signed up for and began taking an EMT-B course. I don't see why a guy in fairly good shape and with sound mind at 56 yrs old can't take on a new challenge, so I did. Gotta keep the old brain sharp, focused and agile and I figured, what better way. . . for now.
So I'm into this class and I'm beginning to get psyched about the job of being an EMT. I'm actually ready to go out there and work on a truck (ambulance).
Interestingly, a friend of mine jut got a second career job carrying the mail around our local little town out here in the boonies. He puts in a few hours every day delivering mail on a downtown walking route.
Well, we began comparing what a letter carrier for the post office with a few hours traing makes compared to an EMT working an ambulance and saving lives with over 120 hours of training and a national test certification.

Letter carrier - $21/hr.
EMT - $9/hr.

No shit. This is how our society views things. The guy who is going to be holding your fratured/dismembered body together, covered in your blood while keeping you alive long enough to make it to a hospital makes less than half what a letter carrier for the USPS makes.
Yea, the guy who will be breathing for you and keeping your circulatory system pumping while rushing you to the ER after you just collapsed from a heart attack is making $9/hr.

Just another symptom of what a totally fucked-up and twisted society we exist within.

If you think this is fair or even at all acceptable, let me know so I can remember who you are when I get called to safe your worthless fucking life.


Herbert Weaver said...

Always been fascinated by the idea of 'volunteer firemen' and lawyers on $300 an hour. Cops on $45,000 with health insurance CEOs on megamillions. Yup. The values aren't skewed. they're non-existent.

Colonel Colonel said...

It certainly fits in the screwy way things are these days, and I'll bet the difference is even bigger if you look at benefits. Of course, I'll bet the guys running the companies that employ the EMT's are making a good living...

But hey, what a great thing for you to be doing!