Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This too shall pass. . .

A few weeks ago everyone was all torqued out over the miners who died at the Massey Energy mine in WV. Oh how they were crying for heads and screaming for justice. Politicians were standing before microphones and getting all big and declaring that someone was going to take responsibility and they wouldn't get away with this one.

Now, a few weeks later it is exactly the way I predicted it would be. . . the Massey CEO Donald Blankenshit has plastered his face all over the media with deep, insightful interviews about how it wasn't really Massey's fault and how ttihey would do everything possible to fix anything that might have done wrong. The policians went back to the trough. Business as usual.

Now, a few weeks later, we have BP doing the same thing out in the Gulf of Mexico. They have destroyed hundreds of miles of sea coast and millions of square miles of sea bed. It will destroy the lives of thousands of coastal people.
Watch closely while they duck and slide and pass the buck. The politicians are already making excuses even though a few days ago they were doing the blustery dance of indignance that they like to do at such opportunities for public performance. In a few weeks it will be business as usual.

YOU, the American people are owned by big oil and the energy companies. They have you by the balls and you seem to like it. You fucking proles. . .

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