Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free speech and "pro-life" old creepy fucks

Yesterday I was in Sarasota Fl. I was parked outside a yoga studio waiting for my uber groovy wife and daughter to finish up twisting and turning their limber bodies to the sound of some prozac chewing granola munching uber groovy enlightened one.
I was watching a group of young people standing on the corner in front of me holding signs about respecting, loving anf trusting women. I wasn't sure what was going on until I started seeing a bunch of creepy old fucks showing up with pro-choice signs. I began to notice that the old fucks were camped out by the main front entrance of the building and were talking to everyone entering the building and then they were around the side of the building at the entrance to the parking lot doing the same.

My curiosity got the best of me so I got out of my car and approached the kids on the corner. They explained to me exactly what I suspected. They were supporting the women entering the women's health center while the creepy old fucks were stopping and intimidating everyone. So I said to these kids "what? you mean these creepy old fucks are hassling all the women who approach the building?" With that, the creepiest of the old fucks walked up to me and said "we're offering them choices."
I blew a gasket. I said "what the fuck makes you think that these women haven't thought long and hard about making this decision that effects their life profoundly? What makes you think that they haven't contemplated, considered and then contemplated and considered again all their options before making their decision?" He gave me some dumb ass comment about making moral decisions and I really laid into the creepy old fuck who by now had a gaggle of creepy old fucks around him. I told them in no uncertain terms that their Christian morality was a huge crock of bullshit. I told them they were lying hypocrites and that their best course of action was to limp their creepy old asses home and mind their own business. Then the creepiest old fuck told me "you don't understand the issues." Woo hoo I slipped into overdrive and informed their decrepit creepy asses that they needed to quit picking on innocent young women. That they were lying, self righteous, and totally full of shit and how dare they pick on young women? They mumbled something and I just told them to shut the fuck up, go home and mind their own business.

I was WAY too pissed off.

I then went back to my car and soon my wonderful wife and lovely daughter arrived. I then realized why the creepy old fucks pissed me off so bad. I know that if either of them had been in the position of the young girls entering that facility and they had been approached by the creepy old fucks with their guilt trips and pseudo morality, I'd have cleared the sidewalks of creepy old fucks.
Yea, I'm all about the Constitution of the United States and the 1st Amendment, but you've got to be able to accept the consequences of you actions. How sorry are you going to feel for some redneck who walks through a black neighborhood yelling n@#g^r? How about the white supremist who walks into a synagogue shouting Nazi slogans? Both are going to get their asses kicked by someone who really believes they deserve it. Probably no one is going to get arrested as long as it's a simple as kicking. Yea, fuck with my wife or one of my daughters like that and I'm gonna leave marks.


tom said...

Well done sir, as a moderately middle aged Dem, and former clinic defense volunteer I say
Well Done sir

Herbert Weaver said...

You's gotta do what you can against the brain-washed loons. Remind people that the only reason they're "pro-life" (at least for fetuses) is because they yearn for the good old days when women went bare foot and pregnant and men had total control over reproduction and women's lives in general.

I once had a shit fit at some cretin holding up a giant color blow-up of a mashed up fetus in front of the State Capitol. But no amount of yelling "sick asshole" right in his face had any effect. So I tried my luck with a bunch of park cops down the block. "How can this prick be allowed to stand their grossing out people and scaring the shit out of kids with that banner? Isn't their a public obscenity issue here?" "Nah, First Amendment" was all they said. So I said "But if I went out there with a giant blowup of a pair of tits on a stick, you'd arrest me for indecency?" "Yup." How does that make fucking sense????