Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headlines; because the rest is idle fluff

Obama to bid farewell to Defense Secretary Gates

About time. This guy was undermining the administration in typical extremist fashion.

Bachmann says she can be "unifying" U.S. candidate

This is the la-la land religious fundamentalists live in. She actually believes that a fundamentalist extremist can be the uniting candidate in this country. How do we break it to her?

TSA pat-down: Was a dying woman forced to remove her adult diaper?

Now here's a stupid headline. Yes, she was. That was known from the beginning. Hoe bout just saying "TSA Agents Resemble Nazi SS Without the Competence."

Any "Casey Anthony" Headline."

Sad, sad story from what I understand. Don't fucking care. This is not national news folks. Anyone following this case is a morbid sick motherfucking gossip monger.

Firefighters make small headway on Los Alamos blaze

You've seen one big brush fire out west, you've seen them all.

Time to speculate: Princess Diana would be 50

Time to shut the fuck up. There are plenty of live people to aggrandise. We don't need complete bullshit to validate the human race.

Holy kudzu! Vine in NC town said to resemble Jesus

Why bother commenting. This sorta speaks for it's own ignorance and lack of substance.

Rod Blagojevich convicted

Bye bye, douchbag.


rainywalker said...

Sagacious I miss your firey sermons and in many cases there are far more important things we each have to do as individuals.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainey, I'd love to oblige. Stay tuned.