Friday, July 15, 2011

Fucktard, fuckhead politicians overseeing matters of great national concern

Obama, Republicans trade demands for debt plan
By Andy Sullivan and Laura MacInnis | Reuters – 53 mins ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama and Republicans traded demands for a serious deficit plan on Friday, underscoring the lack of progress and acrimony plaguing negotiations to avert a looming government default.
Obama used a White House news conference to keep the pressure on leaders of Congress to produce a framework for a deficit-reduction plan that will head off a default on August 2.

Nobody,NO FUCKING BODY is saying it. There is a simple solution to our federal deficit. Three easy and simple things need to be done and none of these jackwad motherfuckers from the president down to that little slime ball Eric Cantor is approaching the reality of it.
1. Get our stupid imperialist capitalist oil guzzling asses OUT of Iraq.
2. Get our stupid vengeful, world policing clueless asses OUT of Afghanistan.
3. Take away all tax breaks from corporations, the uber rich and hike up the taxes on the uber rich.

Fuck you politically retarded motherfuckers who are afraid of offending your rich benefactors. Pretty soon it isn't going to matter because the American public is getting close to the end of their rope.
The majority of Americans blame the current state of the nation on the Bush Regime. That means they blame it on the rich corporate entities and their republican dick licking lap dogs. Listen up Mr. President, the ignorant masses who follow along with the republican corporate agenda guzzle their lies like $5 blow job crack whores ARE NOT the ones who elected you. If you keep pandering to these shit balls who are in it for nothing but the corporate interests who pay them, you will be deserted. There will always be the Ralph Naders of the world willing to take away just enough of your support to turn it all over to the corporate scum suckers. The rich and ruthless are always willing to fund some prick to throw an election for a couple hundred million. Doesn't take much more than that when you've got a name like Ralph Nader.

You wanna play politics? Here's your political clue for the day: you are NOT a shoe-in for '12.

You either put a plan on the table that includes down sizing our military involvement to a huge degree and taxing the rich at level where they are contributing fairly or there will be a major defection.

The answer to our problems are not cutting social security and other social programs for the poor, sick, elderly and unfortunate of this country while giving the fucking rich mother fuckers tax breaks! COME ON!

This is getting ridiculous and the American people are getting serious about it.


rainywalker said...

2015 is not exceptable for our troops to be pulled out. Thats another trillion dollars down a black hole. Our greatgrandchildren are being sold down the river.

rainywalker said...

Oh I almost forgot. To steal a line from Cassablanca, 'Welcome back to the flight."

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I've been trying to ignore that state of affairs Rainey, but the dumbfuck factor is getting so high it's difficult. Between the teabaggers and the spineless democrats. . .

rainywalker said...

I'm writing on moatly other things. My TV hasn't been on for four months. I get my news off the net. They are all spineless!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Hear ya Rainey. As soon as my daughter goes back to school the DishNet gets disconnected. I don't watch it.