Thursday, August 11, 2011

Incredible crazies!

Holy bat shit Robin! The GOP has done got themselves a bevy of certifiably insane bat shit crazy candidates. . .

Mitt Romney: This fucking whack job believes that if he wears special underwear that are built similar to my great grandfather's long johns, and if his wife wears similar attire at ALL TIMES, they will be ready get on aboard the love train to heaven when their lord and savior Jesussa come down to pluck them from the horrors of Earthly existence.

Michelle Bachman: This nut case from Minnesota by way of Iowa needs little introduction. She has been exhibiting how ignorant she is for the past couple years. Whether it's American history or constitutional law, this moron has displayed the intellect of a 3rd grader with almost every step she takes and every time she opens her mouth. Ad to that the fact that she's a born agin believer whose husband runs a mental health clinic that claims to be able to cure people of the sin of homosexuality. . .

Rick Perry: Wow, this newest entry into the mix just held a 30,000 strong prayer meeting. He's telling his fellow believers that if they pray real hard, he will be elected and will do god's will.

Sarah Palin: nuff said.

See, these mother fuckers are fucking nuts. They are just about as insane a gaggle of douche bags as has ever been involved in national politics.
I believe Obama could fuck up by the numbers for the next 15 months and still wipe the floor with any of these nut cases.

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