Saturday, November 5, 2011

Self destruction in the GOP

So the GOP keeps presenting these extreme right wing whack jobs who keep self destructing like mentally challenged participants in an college quiz bowl competition (I mean really, could you imagine any of them in a college quiz bowl?). How many of them will it take before the moderate faction of the GOP rises up like some kind of phoenix from the ashes and says loudly and clearly "ENOUGH!" Will the real GOP with real traditional conservative values which I can sometimes talk to and embrace and at least live with in peace please stand up and show us your true colors? Will you guys please get off your asses and give us a candidate that we don't have to get out the razor blades if elected?

What did you say? Aw come on, there has to be. Really? There is no moderate faction of the GOP? You mean they're all a bunch of whacked out right wing religious fundies or at least cater to that faction? Oh my. You mean there isn't a group of conservatives who embrace the Eisenhower or even the Goldwater philosophy of gov't and social progress? That's kinda scary.


Herbert Weaver said...

I'm with Joe Scarborough's theory that the GOP would rather just lose this one and let Obama have another 4 years. They can cause more damage in opposition and don't have to actually do anything. And that's just how they like it. I think they're hoping Romney will just fuck off by 2016 and they'll have some magical new candidate to lead them to victory.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, good luck with that strategy.