Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doing the next right thing

Let's get back to consciousness and being present, shall we? This politics which I have no control over beyond my own personal vote and my own will to write letters to my representatives is not something that I need to dwell on even though my mind will take me there and push me through the political sea of shit and vermin despite my wishes to stay conscious of my now and NOT wade through that muck, devastation and stench.

So let's talk about positive things that maybe, just maybe, one person reading this will contemplate for 30 seconds.

I've discussed being conscious in previous posts and talked about being present in another.
Once we become conscious and learn to be present in the moment of now, what do we do then? How is our life different and how do we go about our daily routine?
It's very simple; we take a look at everything in front of us, and only that which is in front of us, and we do the next right thing.
Do the next right thing.
How difficult is that?
No matter what the circumstance, no matter who is involved, no mater the time of day or night, just look at the situation, all of the situation and do the most positive action you can to deal with the situation. Think of the common good, think of people's feelings, think of the survival of all involved.
You usually know what's right and wrong. Very rarely are we in situations that are overly complex and require extensive sorting out of what's right and what's wrong. Most human beings, if they have the slightest bit of moral fiber or good ethics know the difference between right and wrong. Apply that to all your actions and interactions.

You see, once you learn how to be conscious of what is around you and begin living only in the moment of now, you become capable of seeing the world clearly. Your level of situational awareness becomes acute and real. It's no longer some paranoid bubble of resentment and suspicion, but true awareness and with that, understanding.

But Hillbilly, sometimes it's just a clutter of confusing information in my brain and the moment of now confuses me. How do I 'do the next right thing' then?
I hear ya and my ADHD brain feels your pain.
The great thing about life is that the vast majority of us don't have to go through it alone. We've got friends and loved ones. Don't have any friends or loved ones? Make some. Go to church. Join a civic organization. Tell somebody you're lonely.
Now that you are in the moment of now and conscious, you will attract others. You simply need to put yourself out there.
But back to your good question. . .

You've got support. You've got peeps. Give a shout-out to one of them. ASK FOR HELP!

You might say; "I don't ask nobody fer nuthin." Yea, been there, done that and it never got me anywhere but alone and confused. Sure, I thought I was tough and able to handle any situation, but I wasn't, I was just goat headed and ignorant. . . Brother James Foster used to say "He's got da goat head" when some young buck would come along who thought he knew everything. I don't have to have the goat head no more. I've got friends and family that love me and are really glad when I call them up and ask them what they think of this or that situation inquire as to what the best path of procedure might be. I'm not alone anymore.

The other option to dealing with a confused mind is: walk away. Yea, do nothing. How often does the present situation really require your action? Really, how often? Most of us let our egos tell us that we need to be involved and we need to add our two cents, but more often than not, a smile and a nod is sufficient and we need only WALK AWAY.

Give it a try. Put your ego aside, forget the past and don't concern yourself with the future and just do the next right thing.

MacDaddy, Thanks for having me think about this.


MacDaddy said...

A good lesson for us all

TriState Saver said...

A nice dream indeed! If people everywhere would adopt this mantality, in theory, we would eventually see world peace. Right?

Doing the right thing requires not only a consciousness of now but being conscious of others.

Society as a whole are a selfish people and until people are willing to be more aware of others and less conscious of themselves, we will never see this dream of doing the right thing reach its full potential. Sigh.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

TriState, This is MY life. What other people do should be of no concern to me. I pass these little tidbits along with the idea that maybe someone will get a little something out of it.
World Peace?! Believe me, I don't for a minute to assume the ability to change human evolution. My one-on-one contacts are few and humble.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come by again.
What "tri-state" are you from?

TriState Saver said...

I am not stating that we need to be concerned about what others DO, more like what we can do for others.

I am saying that doing the right thing as a whole does not involve only you.

ie. You are on your way to meet someone and are running a little behind and are already rushed, you see a woman fall down and drop her bags, you are in a hurry so you keep walking/sprinting. It may have been the right thing for you but was it truly the right thing to do?

I too am a social hermit by choice and keep my few personal relationships close to me but this does not limit me to do the right thing not only for myself but for others.

BTW I am in southern Ohio and like your intuitiveness. You have a fresh take and I enjoy reading your posts.

rainywalker said...

Nothing to be added here, good advice. I have missed your posts and think of you each day.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

TriState, I agree totally. My point was that I can only do the right thing that is in front of ME. Others have to choose their own path. If everyone is walking by the poor old woman who fell and I stop to help, that is all that matters to me. Bemoaning the fact that others kept walking does nothing to change reality and will do nothing to make those others stop and help.
Getting through life is an inside job.
Thanks for your comments. It's always good to discuss these things.