Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you kidding me?!

Are you motherfucking kidding me?!
I know, it's the NY Post, but fuck a duck, have they no sense of propriety at all?!  Are racial stereotypes and racist slams against the President of the United States or any other human being really acceptable to them?
This is truly astonishing.  Who the fuck is the editor of this piece of shit newspaper?
Just when I thought it was safe to believe that maybe times they were a changin. . . 

AP New York - The New York Post is standing behind a cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police.
The cartoon in Wednesday's Post by Sean Delonas shows two police officers standing over the body of a bullet-riddled chimp. One of the officers says the other, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."


rainywalker said...

The New York Post is on the way out like most newspapers. Thats their best shot at selling a few more rags. Its not just the media I've noticed racist comments now just coming out of nowhere and they don't care who hears. I'm jumping on people's ass just about every day now and they don't care.

MacDaddy said...

Rainy: You got it. It's not that the paper is looking at this as racist or non-racist. They're looking at selling the news. What they're doing is play on our sorry history of racism, especially the way we've treated black men to the point of death, to bring attention to their paper. And a cartoon that combines a distaste for the stimulus package with the suggestion of the killing of a president was perfect for them. After all, they could say it's the congress that writes the stimilus package.

But the congress isn't on a tour promoting the stimulus package. President Obama is.It's despicable. It proves that race is always left just under the surface to appeal to ignorant, racist white or to increase the bottomline.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Murdoch will pay dearly for this if the bigger powers that be have their way. Amen to that.

The Trash said...

The post cartoon was a satire on the chimpanzee shot in Connecticut, and had absolutely no racial overtones whatsoever... No doubt it was in poor taste, but not because it countenanced to compare Obama to a chimpanzee, or because it suggested his assassination, the most absurd of absurd conclusions. To a class of people who called GWB "moron monkey boy" for the last 8 years, this is an exquisite irony. Al Sharpton is a demagogue who exploits race for personal gain, and anyone who thinks he's a champion of civil rights is an idiot. The Post is conservative, and so, to a generation of liberals driven by bitterness, anything they publish must of consequence be driven by racism, elitism, classicism, corporatism, or some other demonic "ism" that offends "progressive" thought. Are you devoid of honest, critical thought, or are you just comforted by outrage?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Trash, Shouldn't that be: "The "White" Trash?

I guess if you don't get it by now, you're never going to.

crystal dawn said...

Those who don't think it's racist like to use the analogy that Bush was called a "chimp" as well. Well, the difference is (for those of you who don't get it)... there were no cops shooting Bush the chimp dead!

TriState Saver said...

I kept quiet about this post because I frankly just didn't get it or know what to say.

Had I seen the cartoon without all the hype I would not have put 2 and 2 together. Call me slow but my mind just doesn't work that way.

That said, ofcourse I have heard of the chimp comparisons to black people and it disgusts me. No doubt the asshole who made this cartoon knew it too. It saddens and disappoints me that people still feel the need to put others down to broaden their own cause, instead of doing it in an honorable way. But such is not the way of the world.

I cry for my daughter mostly. She has so much to deal with and be persecuted for just because I loved her father.

I personally have not heard more racism spewing from people. I tend not to hang around those kind of people and if I absolutely had no choice but be subjected to it, I would find a way to remove the ignorance from my everyday life.

Rainy, you are right, people that ignorant just don't care but that doesn't mean you have to listen to it. That is what they want, an audience. Put on a set of ear phones and let them spew their hate somewhere else. They are a dying breed and they know it, so now they have to fight even harder to be heard.

TriState Saver said...

Alright Sagacious you got me posting something other than coupons. Please see my post, it is VERY clean and bibley...LOL. I would really love to have some input from you. I think what makes me, personally, the maddest is that everyone that is racist will still claim to be christian. It makes me sick!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

TriS, I had to deal with someone last night who dropped the "n" word in idle conversation. As per usual he claimed not to be a racist and only used the word "because it's just a term" and "I voted for Obama." I had the chance to talk to this person extensively and finally convinced him that indeed, using those words made him a racist and he also agreed that he shouldn't and wouldn't use "the term" again. He also concluded the evening with "apologizing again" for his indiscretion.
One of the ideas I used was "what if some 8 yr old black kid was standing in the corner and heard you say that word?" "What if the kid was your grandson?" I told him that my son dates black women and I could easily end up with a black grandchild. What would he expect my reaction to be if I heard him use that word then, especially if the g'child were present. He got my point.
My belief that peoples' minds can be swayed was renewed. I truly believe he walked away from our long conversation a better person.

TriState Saver said...

Point taken. thank you!

I was going to give an "In my defense speech" but there really isn't one.

Jesus would not walk away from the lost cause. Although, I bet he could be much more persuasive than I.

The Trash said...

Hillbilly, you don't me. You don't know anything about me. But you think you do. I'm the only one here who does seem to get it.

Crystal, there were no cops shooting Obama dead, either. Travis the Chimp (an actual, honest-to-goodness chimp), however, was shot dead in Connecticut.

I'm not saying there is no misfortune in this cartoon. I'm not saying there's no historically derogatory association between blacks and chimps. I'm saying there was no *intent* to exploit that association in *this* cartoon, and if ya'll weren't so enamored of being conspicuously compassionate, you'd know it, too.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Trash, What is your source for knowing "the intent" of the NY Post cartoon? Perhaps you have some inside information that the rest of the country doesn't know about.
"conspicuous compassion;" That's a very descriptive term. I often use something similar when I refer to groovy granola chewers. Obviously you know nothing about ME. Compassion is not what I'm known for.
As for what I know about you. . . well, to tell you the truth, and I know this may be a blow to your already less than healthy ego, I simply don't care. Here let me show you how much I care. . . oh, never mind, my micrometer just won't close that tight.

But keep coming back. It's good to have dissenting views.

MacDaddy said...

Sagacious: Beyond the "intent" to sell newspapers,there is the unconscious racism in this case. Any American with any knowledge of social history in this country knows that, historically, blacks have been associated with the image of monkeys and that whites have used this image to speak derogatorily of them, even lynch them. Given that knowledge, why use that image to suggest a monkey, the image that was used historically to degrade black people? Why do this with our first black president?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Of course that is the facts Daddy and like you said, anyone with any sense knows that. So really, why call it "unconscious?"
That cartoon was so damn obvious. I tell ya, it sickens me that they would do such a thing in these times.

The Trash said...

"Trash, What is your source for knowing "the intent" of the NY Post cartoon?"

Seriously? What's yours? 'Cause you sure as hell pretend to know their intent. You're an old guy, I get that, and a self-professed "hillbilly," so all this righteous indignation is prolly just your effort to make up for all the times you used the n-word in your ignorant youth. You preach like a recovering alcoholic, but you've just focused your bigotry in more acceptable, political direction.

You *are* a groovy granola chewer, but you're fooled by your own pretense.

Imagesmith said...

I have been in the news bisiness all my life & trust me the Post knew what they were about to do when they layed it on the page.

Imagesmith said...

business.....where's a copy editor when ya need'em

SagaciousHillbilly said...

No, I don't know their intent, but I do know the implications of what was published and I find it unbelievable that newspaper people who really ought to be somewhat in-touch with the pulse of the social fabric would not also recognize the implications of such a display.
That seems to be what you don't get about this sad event. Sure, it can be interpreted as a satire that only has to do with economic policy and the killing of a rampaging chimp in Conn., but anyone with any social sense can see that it goes WAY beyond that in it's implications.
The question might be asked, should we bother being sensitive to racist forms or should we simply act like they don't and never existed and don't effect anyone alive today? To some of us, the answer is a resounding "yes, we need to have some sense of propriety in our actions."

OK, so I'm a racist, groovy granola chewing, alcoholic, pretentious, righteously indignant, preaching, n-word using, politically correct, hillbilly old guy (man, you packed a lot of stuff in a couple sentences). Thanks for giving me the heads up on all those things. I will try to become a better, youinger person today.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks I-smith, Of course these aren't ignorant people and they knew what they were doing. I hope it totally backfires on their ass.
Love your images. Look forward to taking the time to really explore your blog. The tree is outstanding!
I'd say something about it being outstanding in it's field, but I reserve that line for myself when I'm describing my farm work.

Spencer said...
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