Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keepin the beaches nice and wide

Feds continue combing NJ beaches for munitions

By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press Writer – Wed Feb 11, 4:04 am ET

SURF CITY, N.J. – Back when World War I was winding down, Navy ships patrolling the New Jersey coast found themselves with leftover ammunition and no targets.
So they dumped it all overboard, probably thinking the fuses and other ordnance would never be seen or heard from again.
They were wrong. Nearly 90 years later, the fuses resurfaced, invading the shores of two of New Jersey's most popular beaches, Surf City and Ship Bottom.

The federal government is now in the third — and hopefully final — year of a cleanup that will cost nearly $17 million.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers unwittingly sucked the munitions from the sea bed and pumped them ashore as part of a massive beach replenishment project begun in late 2006 to keep the towns' beaches nice and wide.

So the feds spent millions "to keep the towns' beaches nice and wide."

blink, blink.

collect myself and look out the window at that piss poor fucking excuse for a county road out in front of the farm. . . a little gravel on top of all the mud would be nice.
look out the other side of the house and think about the $500 the USDA just couldn't afford to give me last year to help out with the cost of lime and fertilizer to help restore the hay fields that were neglected for years before I bought this small struggling family farm.


$17 million to fix a problem that resulted when you spent probably twice that amount to "keep the towns' beaches nice and wide?!" Are these motherfuckers on drugs? Question 2: Am I the only one who looks at shit like this and thinks "WTF?!"

[Don't even get me started on the geological buffoonery of even trying to "keep the beaches nice and wide.]

There are people struggling to stay alive in this country. There are children going to school in buildings that are falling apart with books that are 30 yrs old that they have to share. Need I go on about the poor state of nutrition and housing in Amurkkka?

Does anybody care or are we just too damned busy keeping the beaches nice and wide?


rainywalker said...

The rich need a place to spend all the trillions we are giving them. One inside the beltway yesterday got a 79 million dollar bonus last year and is looking for another handout. There is no longer any shame Sagacious, just slurping at the hog trough, eating the peanut butter and drinking the kool-aid.

GlennK said...

I live @ the Jersey shore. Believe me u don't know the half of it. The Army Corp. has 500 of these sand moving operations going and they come with a 50 yr. contract. Does it work? Hell no, but it's a super profit maker for a few dredging and marine Eng. Corps. all connected intimately with the Army Corp. Get this they sell these Porky projects as job creators! So guess where the so called Stimulus $$ is going! That's right into the Atlantic , Pacific and the Gulf. It will widen the beaches in front of the same bankers 3rd homes ( that got 700 Bil. of our $$ last fall) and they don't have Mortgages on those mansions. Oh and your also paying to provide these same rich folks flood Ins. It's called trickle up.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It's rumored that Sarah Palin said she could see Putin's beaches from her window. I guess our govt wants to ensure Putin doesn't get any ideas when he looks at ours from his window.

Buzzardbilly said...

blink, blink indeed! Those motherfuckers are clearly on drugs: money, power, and stupid. It's a deadly mix for those who have to live around the people addicted to that concoction.

As far as beach shoring-up and cleaning goes, the Outer Banks of NC (my fave beaches) just use dunes and natural dune plants to try to keep the dune set between the water and the houses in place.

You and Mrs. Sagacious would enjoy it there, I think.

TriState Saver said...

I would like to start guest swapping posts with other bloggers in our area.

Sagacious will you get back with me sometime on doing a guest post for my blog? (myname) @

I don't have popular participation but plenty of rubber neckers.

I enjoy and share most of your views. Ofcourse, it will have to be clean, if you choose to do it. I am a family oriented money saving site.

I would like to see you challenge yourself and come up with a meaningful economic based posting. Something real,no news stories. Something straight from you and your perspective on anything economical. No limitations if it is kept clean.

Lemme know within a few days so, I know whether to extend the invitation further or if I am just full of horse sheet!



SagaciousHillbilly said...

Aw fuck TriState. I dunno if I can write any fucking thing that aint fucking clean. Shit just seems to flow from my deranged pie hole. When I start talking about anything that has to do with economics/politics/etc., I begin ranting against the ass munchers who are responsible for the sad state of our shit strewn economy.

But I'll give it a try and get back to ya.

TriState Saver said...

thanks sagacious! i look forward to it! make sure the challenging part isn't about not being able to throw the fuck bomb around...LOL

Buzzardbilly said...

I, for one, am totally against this notion of clean-writing Saggy. It would be wrong. Just plain wrong I tell you. Fuck not with your juju, Sagman, And, I hope they get you some electricity very soon.

Lora said...

there is a lot of local opposition to this too.

then again a lot of local support.

all depends on how much of a jersified douchebag you are.

and about your comment regarding vinegar! ha! my mother walked in my house when it was "freshly cleaned" and said "jesus lora. it smells like fucking pussy in here."

"yeah mom, i said. fucking 1970s pussy."

ha. you 1950s babies kill me