Sunday, April 5, 2009

Economic fallout

Gun man in NC kills 13 in a nursing home
Gun man in NY State kills 13
Man kills self and 5 children in Washington State
4 cops ambushed and shot and killed in Oakland, CA last week and 3 cops shot and killed in Pittsburgh yesterday

That's just some of the casualties of the past couple weeks. It's getting ugly out there. People are getting to the point where they feel hopeless. I believe that it's not people who have felt hopeless for a long time who do these things, but people who have recently found themselves that way, are totally perplexed by their situation and see no other way out. They take all their anger and rage out on society the only way they can figure out how. Imagine someone cruising through life with a decent job, getting by ok and making ends meet. They have amassed small amounts of material goods, maybe a house, some responsibility toward their family but basically still living from paycheck to paycheck like millions of Americans and then WHAM! It's all pulled out from under them. Nothing left in a few short weeks.

Now, granted, it takes a fucking sociopathic moron to drop down to such horrid levels of behavior, but how many people with sociopathic minds are out there?

They say that sociopathic minds go in two direction. . . a very tiny fraction of a percent of them become serial killers, serial rapists and like minded violent felons. The rest get into professions where a total insensitivity to human emotion and compassion are a positive attribute. According to a report I recently saw on the human brain, high level business executives are very often sociopathic people. Sales people such as those in vehicle sales who will sell a car to anyone at any cost are often sociopathic. My point being, it's not just the confirmed violent offenders who are sociopathic and capable of gross heartless misconduct. Afterall, how many times have we read or heard the neighbors say "he seemed like a quiet fellow who would never do such a thing." How many times will we be hearing those words again as our markets continue to shrink and the human toll mounts?


Stimpson said...

I'm hoping the recent surge in mass killings is just a statistical blip, an unexplainable aberration, rather than a product of bad times. Because if this is a sign o' the times ... well, I don't wanna think about what that could mean.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Stimpy, Like the times, I've never seen anything quite like it. That's a whole lotta mass killin goin on amongst the citizenry.

MacDaddy said...

Stimpson: I don't think it's a statistical blip. I think the people in Washington D.C. don't know hard it is on people. I remember when the Obama administration tried to get more money for infrastructure projects, arguing that many jobs are going to be lost and spending for infrastructure was the quickest way to get them work. Those GOP assholes couldn't stop getting in front of cameras saying it was wrong and they should be cutting more taxes, an idea that had failed for 8 years. So people are hurting, losing jobs and having no hope of ever getting back to where they were...It's not just the economy is bad. The real sad part is the hopelessness they are feeling that things will ever get better.

crystal dawn said...

The 3 cops in Pitts. killed was a result of a radical gun nut who was afraid Obama was going to take away all his guns. Ill-informed and crazy.

I am actually more optimistic now that we have a smart person in charge - despite the fact that times are tough all around. It's these nutjobs who listen to too much talk radio who are now suddenly depressed and w/o hope....even though things have been going to shit for a long time.