Saturday, April 4, 2009

Monkey brained republicans. . .

. . . not that democrats are anything much better, but. . .

Republicans want a more restrained budget approach

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer – Sat Apr 4, 6:28 am ET
WASHINGTON – American families are having to sacrifice, and Republicans say the federal government should follow their example.
Budget plans offered by Republicans hold down deficits while addressing the struggling economy, health care and retirement security, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said Saturday in the Republican radio and Internet address.

WTF?! How is it that these little monkey dicks have the nerve to even open their mouths on such topics. It was the republicans who bent over, spread em wide and let the corporate royalty have their way with them for 12 years. They are the ones who got us into this gigantic mess of historic proportions while on their knees with corporate royalist dick in their mouth dragging them along and royalist dick up their ass pushing them along. Their massive plan to spend like their is no tomorrow with all that spending going to the top .01% and to let the military industrial complex (haven''t heard that term in a while have ya?) plunder the national treasury while contributing nothing is how we ended up here in depressed America.
They are the ones who sold their souls to the big money (really fucking big money, not just a bunch of petty millionaires) so that they could be elected to office and seated in pseudo positions of power.
Now they have the balls to sit there in all their fake finery and pretend to lecture the democrats and especially President Obama on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done? Spending isn't the answer? I'm sure they believe that reigning in Wall Street and putting an end to corporations raiding the national treasury isn't the answer either.
Rep. Paul Ryan and you other little midget dicked dancing monkeys of the corporate royalist: Shut the fuck up. Clear enough?
You constituency comprises that 20 something percent of slacked jawed moron yokels (many of whom live in WV and other midwest and southern states) who will vote "guns n god" no matter how horribly wrong you fucked up agenda goes. Well, there's also the .01% who will support you and vote for you in the hopes of squeezing one last nickel out of Amercian tax payer's pockets.
Hit the road mother fuckers. Aint nobody, with the sense of a marginally mentally handicapped person who has any regard whatsoever for their country and our people listening to you anymore. You'll find that out next Nov. when the rest of you are purged from positions of influence and the new guard takes over completely.

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