Saturday, April 4, 2009

West Virginia Pride - Part 2

Awww geez. . .

House GOP chief seeking gay-marriage amendment
By Alison Knezevich
Staff writer
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- For the second time in a week, House of Delegates Minority Leader Tim Armstead on Friday called for a marriage amendment to the West Virginia Constitution, saying it is even more critical now that the Iowa Supreme Court has struck down that state's gay marriage ban.

On Friday morning, Iowa's court issued a unanimous opinion saying a law there banning same-sex marriage violates the Iowa Constitution. The decision opens the door to making Iowa the third state to legalize gay marriage.

"I think that is precisely the fear we have here in West Virginia - that we are just one court decision away" from the recognition of gay marriage, Armstead, R-Kanawha, told his colleagues in a brief floor speech.

Since 2000, West Virginia has had a Defense of Marriage Act, which bars the state from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Armstead and others who want a constitutional amendment say that law could be challenged in court, as Iowa's law was.

Guns n god republicans, and in this case a backwater slack jawed religious moralist moron.
Welcome to West "by god" Virginia.
What next?

I wonder what these ignorant rubes are afraid of? Perhaps it's the same old WV inferiority complex in that they have no confidence in their ability to raise their children, keep their marriage stable, have a prosperous ethical community, etc., so they have to go on the attack against anything they might perceive as complicating their already overwhelmingly complicated lives of moral balance. What is it about THEIR marriages that makes them think that gays marrying would be a threat to their marriage? Are they afraid their partner will dump them for a gay person? Are they afraid they won't be able to resist that which they've fought their whole life and will dump their partner for another gay person?
Is it simply profound ignorance? I mean, do they really think in this day and age that homosexuality is something that people have a choice about? Perhaps they really are simply profoundly ignorant. Afterall, many of these are the same buffoons who would have you to believe that a sky pixie plunked his magic twanger 6000 yrs ago and brought the Earth and all it's inhabitants into existence.
What do you think?


MacDaddy said...

In a way, I'm glad the recent decision in Iowa is making some states do some thinking. That's good. Let's get the ignorance out on the table. Let's talk about it and not hide behind taboo and silence. Then we'll know who's smart or not, who's still got some humanity or not.

MountainLaurel said...

I would think that my first marriage, which ended in divorce, would do more to cause question for the "sanctity of marriage" than two men or women in a lifelong committed relationship. But hey, what do I know?