Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fascist right wing pricks still at it. . .

Obama goes back to school

On September 8, in what the Department of Education is touting as a "historic" speech, President Obama will be talking directly to students across the U.S., live on the White House website. . .

But Jim Greer, the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, came out swinging against the planned speech. An excerpt from his statement:

"The address scheduled for September 8, 2009, does not allow for healthy debate on the President's agenda. . . "

Ah, so now that the democrats are in office, the republicans tell us that a president can't give a speech because him giving a speech "doesn't allow for healthy debate?!"

These motherfuckers are out of their minds. Am I the only one who remembers what we endured under the last republican administration? Talk about a lack of healthy debate! If anyone dared disagree they were labeled a traitor. That sorry excuse for a president declared himself that one was either 100% with his agenda or they were against the nation itself and now these fascist pricks tell us Obama can't give a speech on education because it "doesn't allow for healthy debate?!"
Geez, I recall in years past. . . and I'm talkin a pretty good collection of years and decades in my past, when presidents were allowed to give speeches about anything they wanted at any point in time they chose and no one argued with their right or ability to do so.
I get so tired of these right wing fascist prick crackers and their rhetoric of hate and total negativity.

Thank god we now have a president who is intellectually above all that bullshit and realizes that education is the only way out of poverty, economic oppression, racial ignorance, and inhumanity. I've been saying it for many years and saying here since I started blogging. . . education will solve most of our ills that are solvable.

Talk on Prez!


Akannie said...

No shit.

My ultra right wing conservative born again whack job of a sister and her rascist husband were just here for the weekend from Florida. OMG. Has all that heat fried their brains???????

Their latest thing is this: "Have you even READ that health care plan?" I just looked at her and told her to shut up. She proceeded to say that Obama is going to kill all the old people. I told her to shut up. I asked her if that was the copy of the plan that Rush Limbaugh sent her?

I managed to get thru the weekend without having to throw her out of my house. barely. The scariest thing is ...these idiots believe this shit.

Somedays I am a fucking PARAGON of love and tolerance.

Write on, Hillbilly. I need you.

Stimpson said...

Now that Obama has given the speech and it turns out to have been a perfectly reasonable, uncontroversial "stay in school and take personal responsibility" message, some leading minds on the GOP side have said the speech must have been changed at the last minute to placate public concerns. Or something like that.

Honestly, these guys have no shame.

Good to see you blogging again, SH.

Bedlam said...

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SagaciousHillbilly said...

AKAnnie, You could be my sister. . . have similar FL connections. WTF happened to that side of the chromal pattern?

Stimpy. . . Exactly. . . anything to try and spread hate and anti-American rhetoric. They really don't like democracy or the republic.

Bedlam!!!! Always a joy to read your comments. . . or at least try. . . Woooooo!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi Sagacious! Just dropping by to hello and let you know that I'm back.

As for this your post - hell, I ain't read much of the news this year and the only change I've seen so far is that all the crazy aunts and uncles have been released from the attics.