Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A couple items of no interest or significance

I was on the way out the door on Sat. with a handful of shot gun sheels, .22cal bullets, and other shells for my son to shoot down in the barnyard (he likes to shoot guns when he comes home from the big city) when the phone rang. "Hi, my name is Ms. Dumbass and I'm an NRA member calling to ask you to participate in a one question poll." How funny. . . the coincidence of it all. . . The one question poll was something to the effect of 'do you approve of the United Nations banning guns in Amurkkka?'
So I'm like "what're you? Outta your fucking mind? What makes you stupid brain dead proletariat NRA zombies believe for a split second that the UN sets law in the USA? Are you stupid fuckers COMPLETELY ignorant of how the world and more specifically, your own country works? Did you ever take Civics in elementary school? Did you fucking graduate from high school with any knowledge whatsoever of American government?
"But sir, the United Nations is trying to ban guns in Amurkkka, would you be willing to listen to a three minute presentation by our executive VP Wayne LaPierre?" "What? A fucking frenchie? Do you realize that the french are trying to ban capitalism in the United States? Don't you know that the French have been for years taking control of our governemnt and turning us into a socialist state? And you want me to listen to some Frenchie tell me about my guns? STFU!"
I then went on down to the barnyard and my son and I shot rifles, shotguns and pistols just like we used to do when he was a little kid and just like I used to do 50 yrs ago when I was a little kid with my father.

On another note: It's going to be a bad year for the wild critters around here. It's been a wet cold summer and there is hardly any fruit on the fruit trees and a VERY sparse nut and acorn crop out there. If it's as cold and hard as I suspect it will be this winter, we're going to see many wild animals die of starvation by spring.
It'll be a sad thing to watch, but nature has it's way of gathering the gene pool.


MacDaddy said...

So that's where this is coming from. I know Obama hasn't been saying or doing anything about banning guns. Maybe this is one more "clever" way of fundraising: Keep people thinking that Obama is going to take their guns away.

Bedlam said...

Take my gun, ha haaaa. YOU HAVE TO PREY THEMM FFRROOMM MMMYYY DDDDDEEEEAAADDDD hand. .22cal and a ring phone yllibllihsuoicagaS, shot the phone, I don't like PHONES anyway. (remind me of all that ringing in my HEAD) POP!! yllibllihsouicagaS, BEDLAM HERE!!! MY Gun, whoooo daddy,.,.,. Bopp Gun. from the inner complex theta wave. You told themez right, OUTTa YoUR FU#$% MIND? Whooo, smack me on time(slap)

يأخذ مني مدفع رشاش Ha haaaa. عليك فريسة باليد. 22 وما yllibllihsuoicagas نغمة للهاتف, بإطلاق النار على الاتصالات الهاتفية النقالة بأي حال من الأحوال فإنني لا شأن. (يذكر لي بصفتي رئيسا للجميع ان رنين (البوب!! yllibllihsouicagas, هنا واشنطن! بلدي مدفع رشاش whoooo أبي... بوب البندقية من قلب المجمع ثيتا الموجة. ذكرتم themez الحق outta fu#$? العقل لديكم?

من كان أن واشنطن إذا تركنا لهم

Stimpson said...

How long before Michelle Bachmann starts repeating this paranoia?

Herbert Weaver said...

Like minds, if not too much of a presumption. Like yer blog.