Friday, January 15, 2010

FoxNews and people of color news

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Go ahead you dumbfuck proles, watch Fox News till your ignorant eyes pop out.
Check it out.

Haiti earthquake coverage on three top-rated Fox News shows (January 13, 2010):

Beck: 37 seconds
O'Reilly: 2 minutes 56 seconds
Hannity: 3 minutes 8 seconds

Haiti earthquake coverage on three top-rated MSNBC shows (January 13, 2010):

Hardball: 36 minutes 35 seconds
Countdown: 43 minutes 3 seconds
The Rachel Maddow Show: 42 minutes 55 seconds

To put it coldly, the Haiti story is so chock full of devastation, human suffering and heart-rending drama it's a news media wet dream. So why so 'meh' Fox?

Did Fox decide the inability of viewers to empathize with black people would impact ratings? Any other plausible suggestions why they chose to concentrate on Sarah f*cking Palin instead?

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