Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid and the "negro" word

OK, so Harry Reid, when discussing the Obama candidacy way back when made the comment that Obama was “light-skinned” and had no “Negro dialect." So fucking what?!
Harry is an old dude who uses old terms. Back in the 60s, when Harry was probably in his hayday, Dr. King and Minister Malcolm used the term "negro" all the time. So when Harry is having a PRIVATE conversation where his guard is down and he's all relaxed and speaking his mind, he used the term "negro." I don't get the big deal. It's not like he called Mr. Obama the "n" word. He simply referred to an African-American cultural trait as being "negro."
As for what he said: it was true. Obama had a much better chance of being elected as a light skinned black man with no black dialect than if he were a very dark skinned man with a deep urban black dialect. Gimme a break. I suspect I might have said something very similar at the time.
Of course the most absurd thing about this whole thing is the people who are criticizing him. . . republican right wingers. These mother fuckers have got the worse voting record in congress according to NAACP data. They are the ones who are talking about "taking back the country" since the election of Barrack Obama. They are the ones running the "tea bagger" movement which is a thinly veiled racist movement.
Why are these morons being allowed to run this little news cycle? Fuck a bunch of right wing racist pricks who are accusing this good traditional democrat of being racist.

Back when I was a regular smoker, I smoked Newports. I had a black buddy who I would see on a regular basis at a local smoking spot. He would always walk up to me and say "gimme wunna them negro cigarettes." My reply was always "no problem negro."
It was no problem.
"Negro" is an old fashioned archaic word, but it's not a dirty filthy racist word unless used as a dirty filthy racist word.

So all you right wing pricks who support the racist agenda of the republican party and all you dunderheaded news people with nothing but a desire to agitate, SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Herbert Weaver said...

I find it hilarious that people I know round these parts who use the word 'nigger' in casual conversation whilst claiming not be racist, are all saying 'See, Democrats are racists!"

These are the same people who told me they couldn't have voted for Obama because he's black, who call black towns 'Nigger Town' and who tell me Mexicans compete unfairly because 'they all live twenty to a house and have lower overheads'.

Akannie said...

LMAO....thanks again, Hillbilly...I'm about ready to poke my fucking eyes out, between this and that megamoron Palin. And Fox news giving her a job??????? Of course, IMHO, they'll get what they deserve.