Friday, January 29, 2010

No way I could say it better. . .

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Excellent post. I've never seen it stated any clearer or better than this.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This country is a hopeless mess of idiotic, spoiled children. The morons in this land of ours twice elected possibly the stupidest man to ever hold the office of the President, what's worse, they knew he was a fucking idiot and voted for him anyway. Now these jerkoffs are out of work, lost their homes, have no health care and no future. They put their lives and this nation in the hands of an unserious ignorant clown and now have reaped the whirlwind. Now the shit has hit the fan who do they all blame? Big surprise, the new President. Barack Obama has been president for a year and has spent much of it trying to slog through and clean up the disastrous heaps of shit that George W. and his minions left in their wake. But he's not done anything to help America's spoiled brats who want everything fixed overnight.

Destroyed economy? Yep. Two fucked up, basically unwinnable quagmire wars? Yup. A world that hates us because of the previous administration's bullying, torture and incompetence? Yup. 1.85 Trillion dollar deficit? Yup. Health care costs soaring? Yup. Infrastructure 20 years behind Europe's? Yup. Unemployment through the roof? Yup.

Obama did not set all this calamity in action But you wouldn't know it by the grousing and bitching and whining out there in this country. Fix it daddy! They all yell but don't actually want him to do anything that might actually solve a problem. Then they complain that nothing is getting done.


People want jobs and they want Obama to do something about it. OK what is he supposed to do? The government could create Jobs but that would raise the deficit more and it would be socialism which is bad, or Obama could give more tax cuts to the rich and hope they hire people but that doesn't work. The wealthy corporations take the money and run or use it to give themselves bigger bonuses. Conservatives want hands off of business, hate big government and socialism and taxes. They don't like when the government does anything except bomb other countries but they expect Obama to get everyone a job and they want him to smack the banks around.

"Don't bail out the banks!" Conservatives cry.

Obama says, "OK, I'm gonna tax the banks to get tax payer money back from TARP."

"NO!!! shout the conservatives, "That's socialism. Don't punish the banks!"

"Don't bail out the auto industry" But keep everyone in the country working

They're foreclosing on my house, help me Mr. president

Ok says Obama I'll try to stop banks from foreclosing

No!!! that's socialism

I have no health care, or my payments are too high or I've been dropped from coverage. help me!

OK we'll try to fix the health care system maybe even make it possible to buy insurance on the open market with an option to buy health care from the government to create competition and break up the insurance monopoly

"No!! That's socialism how dare you mess with those fine, upstanding, insurance corporations! "

Quite the conundrum.

Quite the stupid country

On top of all this you have stupid people saying
that Obama isn't an American citizen that he was somehow smuggled illegally into this country from Kenya
That he's a Muslim
That he's a socialist, fascist, communist
That he's not patriotic
That his wife hates the country
That he's a Hugo Chavez clone
That he's a Hitler clone

deeply stupid people in a deeply stupid country

And I ask conservatives, republicans, tea partiers, birthers, Palinites, the rest of the idiots with no plan yet that think they are smarter than Obama. What the hell would you do to fix anything?

Here's their answer, Nothing.

Because that's what republicans do, they say no, they cry socialism, they wave the flag, clean their guns and pray, but in the end they do nothing.

Stupid country filled with stupid people
Posted by TED VELVET at 10:46 AM


Herbert Weaver said...

True to a point. But I would disagree that we're overwhelmingly dumb. It's easy to think, but the 'dumb American majority' is really a corporate wish fantasy. They want us to be stupider so they can sell us more shit but the reality is that regular people are just that: regular people. Problem is that the retards yell louder and attract all the attention.

One reason Obama went wrong is that he let the big-mouthed fuckwit minority convince him they are the majority and should be pandered to. So he abandons healthcare, tries to dump Acorn, stalls on the wars, etc. BIG shame. Us 'smart' people need to start yelling more!

John Gray said...

interesting rant! GOOD BLOG BY THE WAY

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi Sagacious.

Agree with the post, and will add that the media is stupider for fanning the flames of ignorance.

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

Thanks, S'billy - I'll be forwarding this to a good lot of folks.

Stimpson said...

That is an awesome rant! I mean, really, it's Rude Pundit-level good. Ted did a great job pointing out contradictions.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I agree Stimpy. World class from Teddy.