Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christian Republican extremism - Michigan style

I really am a constitutionalist. I've read and studied the Constitution of the United States like every good citizen ought to. Afterall, we are a constitutional republic in this country and I believe we are one of, if not the most successful experiments in government ever undertaken. The Constitution of the United States will live far beyond the life of our country as a model of how a huge mass of different types of people can live together freely and in some sense of order.
So whenever anyone and no matter whoever it is exercises their constitutional rights to free speech and any other freedom outlined in our great constitution, I'm ready to defend their right to do so. I really believe in the ACLU and their efforts to protect EVERYONE'S civil liberties.
But ya know, when some stupid dumb fuck dick wad like this insane crazed homophobic dip shit exercises his constitutional rights to put forth his agenda of hate, narrow minded, bigoted, extremist right wing spew, I just want to go knock the living shit outta the moron and cram his manifesto down his angry puke filled throat while having him bent over the hood of his Ford Escort and ass fucked by twelve big fat ugly leather clad gay bar rejects until his ass is nothing but a mangled, shredded bloody mess.

State attorney launches bizarre Internet war on openly gay college student
By Liz Goodwin

Here's a curious test case for any public servant pondering a sideline as an online political activist. An assistant state attorney general for Michigan has created a blog devoted to discrediting the University of Michigan's student body president, who is openly gay.
Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has called student Chris Armstrong a "pervert" and "Satan's representative" on his blog, and admits to protesting outside the 21-year-old's home. He scours Armstrong's Facebook page and Armstrong's friends' Facebook pages and posts defaced photos of Armstrong on his site. . .
He continued: "I've protested outside of his house, yes. ... I'm a Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights."

See, not all bazaar Christian Republicans nut cases are in WV.

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