Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy right wing extremism and paranoia

I got this from a "Guns Alert" e-mail. . .

ALERT: Your right to own a firearm is hanging on by a thread! In it’s most ambitious effort yet, the UN and the Obama regime are working together to pass the Arms Trade Treaty to control and/or ban ALL PRIVATELY OWNED FIREARMS! The anti-gun nuts are holding secret meetings to craft a slew of uber-restrictive gun laws known as the Arms Trade Treaty. This Progressive backed treaty could become international law as soon as 2012. The globalist gun agenda wants to disarm the world one gun at a time! Take action NOW to protect YOUR GUNS!

Not only do these morons believe that the UN has some measure of control in the United States of America, but they believe that we are on the verge of being disarmed by the UN. . . our right are "hanging by a thread!"
How fucking stupid can stupid get?
I've been a citizen of this country all my life. My ancestry here goes back to the 17th Century. In my lifetime and my father's lifetime, my rights as a gun owner, hunter, defender of my property, etc., have NEVER ONCE been infringed. I have the same cache of guns my father had and more. I have a gun my g'father owned.
What the fuck is the matter with these NRA gun nut whacked out freaks?

This little gem from the mouth of the republican senate candidate from Delaware.

Evolution is a myth," O'Donnell said, starting to explain her position before Maher interrupted.
"Evolution is a myth?" he asked. "Have you ever looked at a monkey?"
"Well then why aren't they, why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?" O'Donnell responded.

Yes folks, we have simple minded morons running a legitimate candidates for seats in the United States Senate.
PEople like this used to be relegated to third party cadidacy or write in campaigns. Geez, they make Lyndon LaRouch look mainstream.

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Stimpson said...

I bet many of the people who buy into the gun conspiracy also believe the UN is irrelevant (because that's what Shrub Admin officials said). A contradiction there, methinks, in thinking the UN is irrelevant AND a major threat.