Friday, December 3, 2010

Empowering the overlords

So we raise the retirement age and cut deductions for healthcare.
Meanwhile, the tax rate on everyone including the rich is lower than it's been since 1950. Yes, 1950, before we had medicaid/medicare, WIC, a space program, and hundreds of other programs that make us a modern society. These are things that over the years, the people decided we needed in order to push back the frontiers of social justice and science.
So now, in the 21st Century, who has decided that we need to go backwards? Who has decided that we need to let the rich get away with accumulating all our national resources in their pockets?
I'm not sure the answer to that question, but I do know that it's the American people who keep going along with this bullshit charade.
So when your healthcare sucks, as wages continue to drop, as jobs disappear, as more and more people have less and less, remember what YOU voted for. Remember who these dirty little prick fucks are who are advocating the redistribution of wealth in this country in an upward spiral.
My country and it's people are beginning to make me very sad. That so many people can vote AGAINST the common good and FOR the ultra-rich overlords leads me to believe we have become a country of very ignorant and very stupid proles.

Deficit-cutting plan wins more support before vote

AP –
By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Pres
WASHINGTON – Defying expectations, a bipartisan majority of President Barack Obama's deficit commission has rallied behind the panel's controversial deficit-slashing proposals.
A key Obama ally, liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, endorsed the plan Thursday night, joining two of the Senate's most conservative Republicans.
The plan now has public commitments of support from a majority of the 18-member commission, but it still will fall short of the 14 votes needed to officially adopt it when the deficit-cutting panel votes on Friday.
Among its many contentious provisions, the plan would raise the Social Security retirement age and scale back popular tax deductions on health insurance and mortgage interest.

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Beekeepers Apprentice said...

Well, damn, we have to keep passing on the wealthy-welfare checks don't we??

It's quite sickening, y'know.