Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Repealing "don't ask, don't tell."

It's the 21st Century. Let's get real here folks.
The Pentagon has issued a report that says the troops won't mind if gays serve in the military openly and the leaders of the military won't mind. The report says gays ought to be able to serve in the military openly.
Admiral Mike Mullens, who as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is the highest ranking military officer in the nations says we need to repeal it and let gays serve in the military openly.
Sec. of Defense Robert Gates says the time is now and let's do it before the courts force us to do it.

So what will the tea baggers in congress do? Sen. John McCain believes that DaDT is working and we should leave it alone. Many of the republicans in congress have come out strongly against any "gay rights."

Yes folks, bigotry and hate are still alive and well in Amurkkka. Those on the right prove it on a daily basis.

I am so sick of people of any persuasion, color, religion, beliefs, handicap, etc. being forced to defend themselves. It's just so fucking primitive. It's so damned ignorant and backwoods.

Those in congress who have any bit of human decency should make this happen and make it happen NOW! It will be a precedent for our entire society. It will be something as fair and just as the Civil Rights Act. It will change people's perceptions of others making them more accepting and in turn better human beings. And most important, it will change many young people's perceptions of themselves and give them a higher degree of self esteem and ability to grow and develop. Who doesn't want that? Look around the republican side of the aisle to get the answer to that question.

Let's see those in congress who DO have integrity and human decency push this through ASAP.
It's that simple.


Herbert Weaver said...

It makes me laugh how the same chicken hawks who push 'support our troops' into some kind of militarist religion insult those same troops every time they project their homophobic bullshit onto them and imply that they're too fragile to mix it up with the gays. Like they can dodge bullets, risk death every day but can't handle sharing a shower with a gay dude in case he catches a glimpse of their weiner? It's truly pathetic and John McCain, more than anyone else, needs to just shut up and get counseling. Can you imagine that Geico ad with R. Lee Ermey yelling at McCain "You know what makes me sad? You do, you homophobic jack wagon!"

SagaciousHillbilly said...

John McCain needs to shut up, retire and make arrangements for where he wants to be when his mind is completely gone.
Really, it's the right thing to do. Removes a lot of burden from your family who will have to struggle with what to do with him.