Saturday, December 18, 2010

WV knuckle draggers got their right winger in the senate

Make no mistake, Joe Manchin, the dumb bubba from Marion County is a silver spooned right wing prick. Another unaccomplished bozo with family money who bought his way into politics, he has voted with the republicans all the way so far.
Here are the three most important votes the US Senate has had in the past few weeks.

1. A bill to extend the tax breaks to only those making $250,000 or less. That means the middle and working class maintain their tax breaks, but the rich go back to the low rate they were paying before 2004. Now really, wouldn't any democrat with even slightly progressive tendencies believe that in todays economy the super rich really ought to pay a little extra to help everything along? Right now we are at the lowest tax rate we've had in over 60 years. You'd have to go all the way back to before Eisenhower to find a lower tax rate. So why not get those who have much to pay a little more thn those who are struggling badly?
Not Joe Manchin. . . he voted against it. He wants the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting poorer.
Over and over it has been proven that tax breaks, tax incentives, etc DO NOT stimulate the economy. Think about it: what has happened to American jobs since Reagan started slahing taxes on the rich and corporations. What has happened to jobs since Bush the MoronMonkeyBoy slashed taxes for the rich to the lowest levels since 1958? We have lost entire secotrs of jobs. The middle class has been all but destroyed and our standard of living has declined. THAT is what tax breaks for the rich has gotten us. Has the market stabilized since Bush the Chimp handed out golden tax packages to his uber rich supporters? Nope, it crashed and many Americans lost their retirement funds after being talked into investing in the market back in the 90s and 00s.
Guess who got the money they lost. Yup, the super rich.
So FUCK YOU Joe Manchin for voting to continue ultra rich tax breaks. You are a little dick headed rich prick.

2.DREAM Act. This act is intended to give kids who grew up in the United states and graduated from college or successfully served in the United States military the honor of becoming United States citizens no matter how they got here. These are kids whose parents made the difficult decision to illegally enter this country so that they could provide for their children better than where they came from. This isn't a blanket amnesty policy like the right wing propaganda machine wants you to believe. This is for young men and women who grew up as Americans. Young men and women who know no other culture. They talk like Americans, act like Americans, they ARE American as my kids. So this DREAM act allows them to become citizens if they have clean records, serve in the military or graduate from college. WTF? Who can argue with that.
Well, a bunch of pricks in the United State Senate and our own freshman rigt wing jizz guzzling senator Joe Manchin. Oh, he didn't vote against it, he just didn't vote at all, which, in a vote against it. What a pussy footed prick. Three weeks in the senate and he's already not voting for political purposes. What kind of respect is that for those who elected him. . . to not vote on such an important issue. It just shows what a dirt bag politicians this little rich prick really is.

3.Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) Well, surely Joe the Creep Manchin voted on this one, right? Nope. In true panty waisted fashion which he so gracefully pursues, once again he passed on this one. Of course, for this one also, to not vote is to vote against.
Even though every study has shown that gays in the military is not a problem, our right wing homophobic dip shit of a senator voted against it, by not voting. He stepped up to the plate and told millions of young Americans that he thinks they are less than other young Americans just because they were born with a different sexual preference.
Ya know come to think of it, Bubba Joe does have certain effeminate qualities in many of his mannerisms. Maybe this is a vote of self loathing. I'm just thinking it's possible. . . not a sure thing, just possible.
This is the one that really burns my ass almost more than his DREAM non-vote and for the same reason.
See, I don't think children should ever be treated with prejudice, bigotry, scorn, etc. Every child, no matter their color, rce, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, handicap, etc. should be given fair shake and treated just like any other child. Maybe it's because I love my chidren so much that I feel this way.
Scumbag Joe Manchin probably doesn't love his children very much. Let's face it, at least one of his children is a fraud and a liar just like he is, so what do I expect?. . . Yea, I'm talking about Heather Manchin, who somehow, with no experience got the COO position at a WV pharmacutical company and then received an EMBA degree from WVU without completing many of the requirements of the program after Gov. Daddy appointed one of his best buddies, another fat ass moron with no real qualifications, to be president of WVU. It all came out in the news and Sweet little lying asshole Heather lost her EMBA.

Are you a little nervous sitting up there all high and mighty in your senate seat Bubba Joe? You ought to be, because the FBI isn't done investigating your crooked ass. Your chief of staff and your road to nowhere up in Fairmont is attracting a lot of attention right now in certain federal offices.
Enjoy your senate experience while you can dip shit, cause just like Uncle Douche Bag A. James, you've about played out your hand. Many of us won't be sorry to see your crooked dirty punk ass behind bars.

I'm also wondering, do they sell a lot of those callus polishing machines and tools in WV drug stores? I'm thinking with all the knuckle dragging Neanderthals running around the state that there must be a big problem with calluses on the backs of hands that require tratment


Stimpson said...

Wow. I figured Manchin was an asshole. I just didn't realize what a super-big asshole he is. It's sad that West Virginians voted for him.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

It's one of those things Stimpy. . . they vote for him once and then he becomes the lesser of two evilson down the line.
I might begin voting for the most honest asshole. His opponent was a right wing tea bagger asshole, but at least he said what he thought and wouldn't have been such a surprise . . although, it's no surprise to those who think in WV (all three of us) that Manchin would vote with the republicans.