Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Limbaugh the complete asshole

Why does anyone listen to this moron? What is the appeal?
It only proves that America is infested with ignorant dim witted fucktards.

Tue Feb 22, 11:40 am ET
Rush Limbaugh says First Lady is no swimsuit model
By Rachel Rose Hartman

Radio host Rush Limbaugh poked fun at Michelle Obama's waistline Monday; the latest entry in a string of conservative attacks on the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign.
During his show yesterday, Limbaugh pounced on a report that the Obama family (minus the president) had dined on ribs while vacationing in Vail, Colo.:

Has this imbecile looked in the mirror lately at his own fat ass? The First Lady is a tall statuesque woman who is very attractive and a model of good posture and health. rush Limbaugh is a fat ass slouching dolt who has been busted for traveling with illegally purchased viagra, illegally acquired prescription pain killers and would attract nothing but skank whores if he didn't have a ton of money.

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