Sunday, February 20, 2011

More on the BP cover-up

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer – Sat Feb 19, 8:53 pm ET
WASHINGTON – Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor.
That report is at odds with a recent report by the BP spill compensation czar that said nearly all will be well by 2012.
At a science conference in Washington Saturday, marine scientist Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia aired early results of her December submarine dives around the BP spill site. She went to places she had visited in the summer and expected the oil and residue from oil-munching microbes would be gone by then. It wasn't.

Remember back in the fall when everyone was talking about the "magic microbes" that were devouring the Gulf oil and making everything pristine and pure again? I do. and I remember saying on this forum that it was a crock of shit.
Sadly, I was right. I do so wish I had been wrong.

I spent all this afternoon out in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. It was exhilarating. It is one of the most beautiful place I know on Earth.

Huge parts of that enormous, vibrant cradle of life lie dead and in ruin. Like Prince William Sound in southern Alaska, which was devastated over 20 yrs ago by the Exxon Valdez tanker, the poison lies below the surface, but it leaches into the ecosystem every day killing as it does.

Meanwhile, who is prosecuting BP for the criminal negligence? Who is suing them and holding them accountable for the lives ruined and millions of oceanic and coastal creature killed, maimed and never given a chance?

This is a horrible tragedy that is being covered up and buried like the Gulf of Mexico itself.

The government of the United States is a government of, by and for the corporations. They are complicit in this ecological holocaust.

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