Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthcare and insurance company greed

I don't get it. The US gov't already picks up the bill on all the high risk insured with Medicare and Medicaid. Both those programs cover the elderly and the poor.

Big dollar private insurance companies only cover those who have jobs and/or enough money to buy their own insurance. This is the low risk faction of the American public. . . working age, active, with money to spend on good food and preventitive care.

Most of what the proposed health care reform addresses covering a wider swath of the high risk faction.

So WTF are the insurance companies and right wing corporate lacky politicians worried about? Are they afraid that the gov't might want to start covering some of those lower risk citizens so that the hundreds of billions it pays out to the high risk folks that the insurance companies refuse to cover might be supplemented by some of the low risk population?

I think the greedy pimping insurance companies have been getting a break for too long. Shit, it's like corporate welfare to let them get away with oinly insuring the young and healthy. IF they want the gov't to stay away from their easy pickins turf, maybe the gov't ought to begin making them insure some of the higher risk folks. Also, lets see their books. Open up MFers. Let's see how much your are making and how many high risk folks you can afford to insure.

Why should we let them get away with making billions while the American tax payers foot the bill for the high risk citizens. I'm tired of supporting the obscene salaries and profits of the big insurance companies. Let's bust their asses open and make them take part in this reform movement.


MacDaddy said...

Sagacious: Thanks for posting on the continual rip-off of the American people with the considerable helping hands of politicians. I'm so disgusted that, frankly, I have a hard time writing about it. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

Stimpson said...

They're afraid some of their "marginal" policy holders, who are paying higher premiums than they should, would find a way to plug into the public option. This is all about greed, with no room for compassion and decency. Brave New Films has made some great videos on the greedy insurance companies. Worth checking out.

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