Tuesday, July 6, 2010

immigration, border protection, TSA assholes, homeland securtity etc.

It's all a farse.

Immigration. . . If there are no jobs available, all those folks from MExico would NOT be coming here. If Americans wanted the jobs they are filling, they would be filled by Americans. Better look a little closed when you say they come here just to get free medical and welfare. Nope, they're coming here to feed their families. It's the Amercians who don't want to work for minimum wage who are using the system. And who can blame them? With the cost of living, why work your ass off for a minimum wage job?
So, corporate agriculture depends upon cheap immigrant/illegal labor. Corporate agriculture is a big part of the corpo-fascist complex. So why are they brain washing the proles into being all militant about immigrants from south of the border (we'll get to those fucking Canadians next)? Well, they don't want to have to offer agijobs for minimum wage or above do they?

TSA . . . we got to our hotel room last week and my wife was going through her luggage (it was all carry-on) and discivered that there was a pack of scalpel blades in one of her little purses she carrys, oh hell, whatever those thousands of thing women carry. Yes, a packet of scalpel blades. . . made for slicing flesh better than box cutters or pocket knives or nail clippers. How many billions of dollars does that prove were a total waste of federal tax dollars?
Going through airport security is ridiculous. You've got a bunch of dip shit cop wannebes who couldn't pass a GED, treating every American who flies like a criminal.

Border "security". . . I found out recently that the borders between European counties are pretty much open. There's a line drawn on roads where it crosses, but that's about it? How do they keep out the terrorists? Why isn't their infrastructure in shambles from terrorist attacks? Do you know that there are thousands of miles of border across the great white north where anyone can just stroll back and forth at will? Do you know that people have been crossing the Bering Straits for thousands of years visiting relatives, hunting, fishing, etc.? I talked to a Russian dude in Homer Alaska who told me he has family on both sides of the straits and when he was a kid they would all get together every few years. He told me that on any decent day you could hop in a boat and be in Russia in a few hours from Nome, AK. No big deal, his people have been doing it forever. Ditto the southern border. The native people of MesoAmerica have been living without a borders for thousands of years. Now all of a sudden they have to be on one side or the other.

Be afraid folks, be VERY afraid.


Herbert Weaver said...

Immigration is like Abortion: Repubs blather on about stopping it to please the cuntservatives. But you can be 100% certain they will never actually do anything. Why should they? If they 'fixed the problem' the cuntservatives would have what they want and the Repubs would be redundant.

Immigation has been election fodder since the Dutch started bitching about the Irish coming to New York.

eamoore1978 said...

The borders in Europe weren't totally open until the EU got going, and now they're only open between EU countries.

Here's some more border security revelations for you:
When I went to Amsterdam, I picked up my checked bags, handed the guy my passport, he stamped it and said "Welcome to the Netherlands," and waved me right through. That's right, no forms, no search, no 20 questions about my purpose for visiting their country, no bullshit. Just got waved through with a smile.
Yup, they have a solid economy, domestic tranquility, low crime, and they're not terrified of terrorists. I guess that's what happens when your country is full of left-wing extremists (not really, but compared to the US political center...they're WAY left). I think I like 'em.

Also, have you heard of takeourjobs.org? Check it out. It's awesome. I bet they don't get a single non-liberal volunteer.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Them Dutch be gettin a lot of free publicity on my web site today.

Herbert Weaver said...

The EU is all about expanding wealth and productivity thus making borders unnecessary because you remove the motivation for economic migration. The US wingnuts seek the exact opposite: pile the wealth into an ever higher and narrower pile and build big ass fences round it to protect it from economic migrants. At some point, the 'Socialist' shoe will drop and even the wingnuts will realize that wealth needs to spread or we're all fucked.

Herbert Weaver said...

And the Dutch? Gotta love 'em!