Thursday, July 8, 2010


Will the US Gov't tell blatant lies to your face that might have a negative effect on your health?
Is the US Gov't an integral part of the corporate power structure in the United States?

YES! To both questions.
Below is an article on USDA declarations that are notrhing but lying bullshit. YES, your gov't lies to you. I have proof in my barnyard and kitchen.

Why would they lie? Because according to this article, the commercial egg business is bigger that GM in this country. If people thought that commercial factory eggs were anything but as perfect on the inside as they are made to look on the outside, they might begin losing business.

Organic Eggs: More Expensive, But No Healthier
By JEFFREY KLUGER Jeffrey Kluger – Thu Jul 8, 3:30 am ET

Most of the time, according to a just-released study by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the eggs are indistinguishable. When there is a difference, it's often the factory eggs that are safer.

What total barnyard shit! Eggs from my chickens are clearly distinquishable from factory eggs on a number of counts. When you crack one open you immediately see the difference. The yolk is a deep rich orange color. If you scramble up a bunch, you will be amazed at how orange they look. I have a mixed flock of different kinds and different generations of chickens. They are all like that as a result of how they eat and live.

The white of an egg is where all of its protein is found; it's made of both thin albumen - the watery fluid that runs farthest from the yolk when the egg is cracked into a cold pan - and the thick albumen, the more-viscous fluid that stays closer to the middle. The greater the amount of thick albumen, the more nutritious the egg.

All the same? Another ridiculous lie. When you crack a fresh egg open like the ones from my barnyard, the albumen all stays in one spot. I'm amazed when I deal with factory eggs at how they run all over the pan. It is a plain out right lie to say fresh organic free range pasture fed eggs are no better than factory eggs even if you're grading them on the albumen consistency.

Surprisingly, the USDA has not devoted a great deal of study to the antibiotic question, mostly because the drugs are used sparingly in the egg-laying industry -

Lies, damn lies and fucking lies. Factory chickens live in cages 4 sq. feet in size with three chickens per cage. They hardly have room to turn around. The cages are stacked high on top of each other in massive warehouse conditions. It is impossible to keep those birds healthy without daily doses of antibiotics. They are as susceptible to infection as any beef in a fattening pen. Maybe the USDA needs to beef up their antibiotic testing program. They're missing something.

My chickens eat a mixture of barley, oats, wheat and soy. They also have complete and total freedom to come and go wherever and whenever they choose. They forage in many acres of pasture and hay fields eating insects, reptiles and lots of green stuff.
Factory birds eat nothing but a green mash that is full of supplements, antibiotic, various protein sources (animal by-products) and mostly factory raised corn.
You tell me, do you think there is a difference?

"But what about "organic, free range eggs" I buy in the store" you might ask.
Here's where the USDA enters the picture again. To be classified "free range," a bird only needs "access" to any bit of bare ground at some point in the day. Really, that is "free range" according to USDA standards. "Organic" simply means that whatever it's being fed is grown with no artificial chemicals, growth enhancers, or drugs. So what is their diet? It's a mash just like other birds that only contains "organically" grown ingredients. Granted, it's better than the standard mash, but not by much, it's still mostly corn and soy extract.

My birds eat whole grain with no corn, run freely wherever they want on a big farm and I can visibly show you how different (and according to USDA standards healtier) my eggs are.

So, is the USDA a bunch of liars? You decide.
But as an aside, I've tried to deal with the USDA for years. They are a high cost presence in our farming community. I have gotten nothing from them. ZERO.
They cater to cattle farmers who play their silly game and apply antiquated environmentally poor and nutritionally questionable methods to their farms.
I've been told to my face, 'no cattle, no support from us. . . might as well rip up your application.'
So much for the gov't trying to help out the struggling family farmer. Might as well sell it all off for condos and let the factory farms have it all. That's what the USDA wants. They are fucking liars.


sharon said...

Yes they do lie! Yard eggs taste better too - so do grass fed cattle. I have friends with chickens, so I get eggs and we have a local slaughter house that sells grass fed beef - without the antibiotics and growth hormones. Brother hunts - so the venison, squirrel, rabbit is pretty much natural food - seafood is out for a while (40 miles inland from gulf coast), but the crawfish are in season :o)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes, they taste better, look better and are much more nutritious.
How can they claim otherwise when you comparing an egg produced by a chicken that eats only a nutrient poor diet of processes mash to an egg produced by a chicken that eats a wide variety of all natural foods.
Chickens are naturally omnivores eating a wide assortment of animal proteins. Factory chickens, both layers and meat birds are fed a mostly vegetarian diet. What little animal protein they get is "animal by-products". . . whatever that might be.