Saturday, March 5, 2011

Budget cut bullshit. . .

Obama offers deeper cuts, appeals for budget deal

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he's willing to make deeper spending cuts if Congress can compromise on a budget deal that would end the threat of a government shutdown.
Obama's appeal for common ground came Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address, but lacked specifics on how to bridge the $50 billion gulf that divides the White House and Democratic budget proposal from the deeper reductions offered by Republicans.
The competing plans are headed for test votes in the Senate in the coming week; neither is expected to survive, setting the stage for further negotiations.

Remember this while you watch the politicians maneuver and juggle while they cut spending for education, healthcare, social services, social security, EPA, NASA and all things fair and decent: there is an easy solution to all our deficit, budget and tax problems.
1. Get us out of these war we DO NOT belong in.
2. Take away the special tax privileges given to the very rich.
3. Implement a progressive tax upon the ultra rich that makes it so the ultra rich pay a lot more in taxes than the working class. Our tax system is upsidedown.

There: we've saved billions and generated billions. . .

Problem solved. Deficit gone. Don't believe me? check it out yourself. Look at the deficit numbers.

Look at how much we're spending in Iraq and Afghanistan per day.

Tweek the numbers on the tax rates for the upper 10% of earners in a progressive manner with the top 1%, 0.5% , .25%, .1% etc getting progressively higher tax rates.

Tell me, why shouldn't someone making 50 million dollars per year pay alot more percentage in taxes than the average Joe.
Unfortunately, with tax shelters, deductions and full time employees working the numbers, most of the uber rich pay less than the average Joe.

Why aren't Americans wise to this? There should be a revolution going on that we're being so raped by the rich and powerful in charge of this country. They have the balls in Libya and Egypt, what happened to American balls? I guess we like chewing on the bones.] thy get tossed.

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