Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pay your taxes on those shitty working wages, somebody has to.

Ohio Legislature OKs collective bargaining limits

By ANN SANNER, Associated Press – 42 mins ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Labor stronghold Ohio assumed center stage Wednesday in the fight over collective bargaining rights for public workers as the state Legislature passed a bill that was in some ways tougher than that seen in Wisconsin and sent it to the governor.
Amid shouts and jeers in both chambers, the House passed a measure affecting 350,000 public workers on a 53-44 vote, and the Senate followed with a 17-16 vote of approval. Republican Gov. John Kasich will sign the bill by the end of the week.

Wis. GOP bullish in pressing union bargaining law

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press – 2 hrs 49 mins ago
MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin's Republican leaders appear to be taking the same confident and bullish approach to implementing their divisive collective bargaining law that they took to passing it, suggesting they may ignore a judge's warning there would be consequences for moving ahead while challenges to the law are pending.

Yes Amurkkka, it's those damn workers who are backrupting this country. You people want too much. Healthcare? Pay for it yourselves. Living wages? Who's gonna pay for those wages? What do you expect for an honest days work?

Look, Exxon-Mobile didn't pay a single dime in taxes on their $19 billion profit last year. In fact, they got a $126million tax rebate. Bank of America got a $1.9billion tax rebate last year on their profits. We all know that GE, the largest corporation in the word didn't pay a dime in taxes last year and also got a rebate, so where do you workers think all the money for those wages and benefits you're soaking the gov't for is supposed to come from? Geez, you've become a greedy bunch. It's time to put the American workers in their place and show them that they can't keep getting small pay cuts and reduced benefits like they have for the past decade. They're going to have to start making REAL sacrifices. No more collective bargaining! Somebody has to pay for those tax breaks for the rich.

Oh, and remember that promise of Social Secirity you've always assumed? You know, that $680 check you thought you'd get every month after you turned 65? Well think again. The gov't can't keep giving away free money while the biggest corporations in America pay nothing and receive tax rebates. If the rich are going to keep their tax cuts, you sure as hell aint gonna get that big social secirity check you'd hoped and paid for or the healthcare or the wages you THINK you deserve.

You working people have GOT to quit bankrupting this nation. We have corporations to feed and rich people to keep happy, afterall, who's gonna pay your salaries if the rich run out of money?

And you know, this is exactly the rhetoric that a large percentage of Americans swallow whole every day. They put on their little teabagger hats and agree to everything the right wing corpo-fascist whore feed them. Why? Who the fuck knows? I guess they're just dumb fucks. Got a better explanation?

So eat up America. Suck down the lies and deceit you're being fed like a $5 back alley BJ whore. Let em fuck you in the ass till the blood pours from you like a pig at slaughter. Pay no attention to the ones getting tax break, paying no taxes and getting huge rebates. You keep paying your taxes on the wages that barely keep you alive and be grateful that they let you live. . . you stupid moronic fuck wads.


rainywalker said...

Your points are all well made Sagacious. But looking at the whole picture here I really believe GM and others would still be privately owned if the unions and not the workers had not got so greedy.
Many large companies left the country because the unions priced them out of the US or they could have just went broke.
One company commenting yesterday said that it would cost 1B dollars to keep a company here as to send it overseas.
The tax laws and structure in this country has contributed to companies leaving because it has the second highest corporate tax in the world.
We need to encourage or force companies to stay here in the US. If it comes to force, so be it. We have to start making things here again and stop letting others around the world do it for us.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"second highest corporate tax in the world?!"
Where do you get that Rainy? GE, Exxon, B of A paid ZERO taxes in the USA last year. Take a look at taxes in european countries and many in asia. that's just wrong information. we've been lowering the taxes on corporations and the rich for 50 yrs.
So you also believe that just because a company can save a buck by manufacturing with slave labor in so. amer. or china it's ok to do it and still hold on to their tax breaks here in the usa?

Herbert Weaver said...

My boss pulls into work last week in a Ferrari. Today it was a Bentley. Personally, I don't give a fuck if he rides in by Zeppelin next week - good luck to him. But... I've asked for a new computer because mine is shit for months and he "can't afford that". Again, I'm cool with working at 50% efficiency for 100% salary. But how many companies have the same attitude to business? Strikes me that greedy owners with no clue about business development might be just as much to blame as those horrible working people who keep asking for living wages and safe workplaces.

And let me go wingnut and put on caps lock:


rainywalker said...

Drudge Report gave this information yesterday. If its wrong I have misled you. Sorry. It would have been nice if you commented on the whole comment and not just one aspect of it. We can all learn from these exchanges. For me its nothing personal. They said that Japan was number one and we will be shortly when we pass them. The tax system in the US should have been overhauled 50 years ago and perhaps we wouldn't be where we are. If your computer is not working properly your boss is cutting the company's life span. Always retool to keep an edge on the guy next door. No I don't think an company should be allowed to move out of the US. They should suck up the difference out of their profits. If they can't cut it then they go out of business. We as a country need to go back to making things. We are becoming like the Romans, lazy. But the fools run Washington.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Agreed Rainy, I pulled the trigger on that post without reading your whole post.
But the fact remains that the tax information is very wrong. We have been cutting taxes on corporations for 50 yrs. We now have one of the lowest rates when the whole system is looked at.
I also agree that the tax code needs to be overhauled. Corporations HAVE to begin paying their fair share. Tax breaks for corps that remove jobs have to cease and tariffs imposed on products manufactured overseas, especially those that used to be mfg in the USA.
See my previous post on how to simply everything and kill the debt. It might sound simplistic, but it would work. Too bad none of our politicinas have the balls to say it.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Oh, and hell no it aint personal around here Rainy. I believe you to be a fine feller from the real mountains of WV and have always respected your opinion.
Now sometimes people say things that are so detrimental to the health and welfare of the American people that it feels personal and might evoke a heated response, but you've never done that.

Oso said...

Corporations don't offshore/outsource work because of high taxes, they do it to increase profit.Cutting their tax rate won't bring jobs back, it would only increase bonuses and dividends.

Business's concern is rate of return, and with overcapacity and little demand there's no incentive to invest in capital.

They plead poverty but actually do exceedingly well, the only poverty is among laid off workers.

As Sagacious points out, it is NOT the unions. Lot of blame to go around, but working pukes aren't part of it.