Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tax payer vs. Union? Not hardly.

Wisconsin protesters can win, but not as they might think

Christian Science Monitor:
– Fri Mar 4, 3:24 pm ET
First Wisconsin, and now Ohio, have moved to deflate the power of public-worker unions. Other states, even with Democrats in charge, are asking concessions from government workers – on wages, pensions, and health benefits.
So far, the battle has been rancorous and divisive, appearing to pit unions against taxpayers.

Pay attention proles! This isn't about tax payers vs. unions, it's about the real power mongers turning it into tax payers vs. unions. This is about taking the money out of the hands of the middle and working clas and putting it into the hands of the uber rich. Then it's about turning the whole thing around and making it about tax payers vs. union. . . in other words, it's about turning against each other so that we don't feel that big heavy boot on our throats or see who's pressing it down on us.
It's so easy for them to keep us distracted on one another while they rape and pillage our way of life.
So keep falling for it. Keep focusing on your neighbor instead of who trying to burn down your house. Pretty soon they'll have it all and we'll all be living in third world squalor.

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