Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another dumb fuck republican candidate in trouble. . .

Newt Gingerich is in trouble for having taken an interest free load from Tiffany Jewelers.
I call bullshit on this one. Go to any store these days and buy a big ticket item. Almost anyone with good credit can get interest free for 12 months. . . . furniture, carpeting, jewelry, you name it. Retailer do this on a regular basis whether the economy is good or not. They definitely give the rich and famous big interest breaks. Normal business practice. This is a total non issue.

Look, Salamander Newt is a buffoon. He's going to do just fine on his own at sabotaging any attempt at running for president. We don't need to focus on bullshit trivia items like this. Let him talk, he'll do fine himself.


Black Diaspora said...

"This is a total non issue."

Non-issues are the media's stock and trade. First it was Sarah Palin, then Donald Trump.

Now Newt Gingrich is the man of the hour, and the suject du jour.

We're like a man drowning, and the only thing those around us can think to do is douse us with more water to slake our thirst.

rainywalker said...

What does Newt Gingrich running for president have to do with interest rates on the rich? Say Wal Mart lowers their prices on food and have more store brands that are cheaper. Where is the data that says they are doing it to sell more products, help the rich or giving someone a break because at the present time the government is screwing us all?
If your coming down here to Texas make sure your passport is current. Gonna stop by and see yellow dawg granny and have a skunk egg on the way back to Colorado.