Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When disaster strikes in America. . .

it brings out the scum and the low lifes.

Compare it to how the citizens of Japan reacted to their disaster that was actually much worse. . .

Looters, flimflam men plague tornado-torn South

By CHRIS HAWLEY and JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press – 6 mins ago
APISON, Tenn. – The crooks walked up to Kenneth Carter's tornado-damaged property with the purposeful air of relief workers in need of an all-terrain vehicle like the one he had parked out back.
"They said, `Excuse us, we've got to get this four-wheeler out of here,'" said the 74-year-old Apison resident. "I said, `I don't think so — that four-wheeler belongs to me!"
Carter avoided becoming a victim, but authorities say the South has been plagued by a variety of swindles since the twister outbreak last week that ripped apart houses and killed 329 people in seven states. Looters have carried off televisions, power tools and prescription pills. Elsewhere, unscrupulous businesses are charging double for a tank of gas or jacking up the cost of a hotel room. Authorities also warn of construction workers who leave with the cash before opening their tool kit and the danger that identities could be stolen off wind-blown documents.

So sad the society we live in.


rainywalker said...

Yes the scum crawl out from under their rock and see who they can bend over the nearest porch rail. It's a good thing they didn't put me in charge during Katrina or anywhere else. The scum would be picking their friends dead bodies up off the pavement. Any disaster requires immediate action by police/National Guard, not blowing out candles on some damn birthday cake in Washington. The president has again taken the steps to help those who need it in the South.

Oso said...

Sagacious Hillbilly,
thank you for reading my post (bin Laden). You are absolutely correct,racism is foul on all levels.

I don't know if I need to explain this,but I wanted to express how I feel.

I continually condemn people for their indifference to the deaths we cause overseas.I often infer racism as its cause. When I thought of how I viewed 9/11, and compared it to those people I condemn - I felt I had to put it into words. I'm really no better than they are, just the circumstances are different.

I was tempted to 'soften' the post, to portray myself in a better light. I decided that would be dishonest, so that's why I wrote it the way I did.

I'm not proud of it. You may have understood that,just wanted to say for the record man.