Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Science and the neo-con scum

I’ve got to admit, I’m a science guy. I pretty much exist on the terms of science. Just about everything in my world can be explained scientifically and for good reason. . . we’ve got a lot of science that explains a lot of stuff. I live in a quiet rural part of Appalachia, so I can draw upon the knowledge I have from acquiring a degree in biology (remember, don’t tell the neighbors) to pretty much figure out how and why most things happen out here. Logic, reason and investigation have gotten us into the sorry mess our society is in today and it will get us out if we want it to.

The problem we are faced with today is that science does very little to support the right wing corpo-fascist agenda that dominates our society. In fact, science in many cases runs contrary to their agenda of greed and power mongering. From stem cell research to global warming, the response of the right wing neo-cons is always going to be in line with the agenda of the corporate royalists.

Take a look at a few of the issues of science that have become political issues. Let’s start with something simple like the Spotted Owl in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Both the Society for Conservation Biology and the American Ornithologist’s Union while working FOR the current republican administration agreed that the policy of the administration was a disaster for the spotted owl. They proclaimed that the government DID NOT make use of the “best available science” as required by the Endangered Species Act, in deciding to expanded areas for cutting old growth forest. . . . I’ve been to those old growth forests of the PacNW and I personally believe that to cut a single acre of what is left is a crime against humanity. So a bunch of corporate lumber barons want to cut all our natural resources for a quick and easy profit so the republican administration skews, lies and twists science in a way that allows the proles and the politicians to go along with their recreant agenda of greed.

Of course global warming is off the table entirely. That would cause us to have to take a serious look at industrial emissions and regulations on motor vehicles and anything else with an internal combustion engine. Man, would that cut into corporate profits. So instead of letting the science speak for itself, the republican administration and their science whores use tiny bits of manufactured information put out by their bought and paid for scientists at some fringe government research facility to support their agenda. Forget that their tiny bits of information are completely contradictory to the overwhelming majority of scientific information available or that there are tons of good scientific information that totally contradict their tiny shreds of piss poor pseudo science. Global warming threatens their profits, therefore it HAS to be dispelled at all cost. Pitifully the proles open wide and gobble these big loads of neo-con spew.

Everyone knows that right is wrong and the truth is lies, right? Well, if not, take a look at how the current republican administration labels their programs that cater to the maximum profit agenda of the corporate royalists: A program where corporations can pretty much pollute at will by trading “credits” with each other is called “Operation Clear Skies.” Another that opens forest to more logging at an accelerated pace with less restrictions is call “Healthy Forests.” Fuck these lying pieces of shit. Why does the media, the politicians on the left and the public let these recreant scum sucker get away with this kind of horrendous bullshit? WTF is the matter with you people?! We should be out in the streets tearing this country apart for having our future and the health of our future generations so compromised by these corpo-fascist bottom feeding scum.

One after another, groups of scientists, scientific organizations, individual scientists including twenty nobel laureates in a prepared report have stated that the Bush administration ignores, distorts, lies and otherwise twists scientific reality.

How about this one: A panel of specialists on lead poisoning working for the CDC was about to recommend that regulations on lead be strengthened since it has been found that even very small amounts of lead can cause brain problems in young children. Before the recommendations could be made, former presidential candidate and then HHS secretary “Tommy” Thompson (Bush lackey and appointee) fired two of the members of the panel and replaced them with people with connections to the lead industry. WTF?!
Nice people huh?

Welcome to America2007. Science does not rule. The President of the United States believes that “intelligent design,” which is nothing more than religious mythology, ought to be taught right along side of evolution in the science classroom. WTF?! This mental midget is representing the United States of America??? Is it any surprise that American students are progressively falling behind their counter parts in Europe and Asia in math and sciences?

Sometimes the reality of this period in American history is difficult to comprehend. This country was built on the application of science and reason. Where has it all gone?

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