Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A sad day for New Orleans and America

Bush tells New Orleans: 'We understand'
By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS - President Bush commemorated Hurricane Katrina's devastating blow Wednesday with a somber moment of silence. Across town, in a symbol of a federal-city divide that persists two years after the killer storm, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin marked the levee-breach moment with bell-ringing. . . .

"If George Bush's government were as good and decent and focused as the people of New Orleans, whole parts of the city would not still look like the storm just hit. This is a national disgrace," said Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who launched his campaign last year from the devastated Ninth Ward.

For the Moron Monkey Boy (Bush the Chimp) to show up in N’Orleans on this sad occasion takes one of three things: balls the size of watermelons, a “what the fuck have we got to lose” attitude or down right moronic ignorance and naivety. I’d say in this case, his handler puppet masters have the attitude and there’s no guessing as to what qualifies the Monkey Boy.

Where does it stop? This POS president got up before a group of veterans recently and pledged a better VA. He visits wounded soldiers at Walter Reed and does the same. He goes to the Minneapolis bridge collapse and talks all serious and sad (of course with the ever present smirk on his punk face) and then starts waving and smiling like he’s campaigning to bystanders. He calls a plan to cut the forest "Healthy Forests," his plan that cuts school funding is call "no child left behind." WTF?! Why does the media gloss over this kind of shit? They have strong opinions on everything else political and social, why not the mock bullshit of this administration? Why does the public not scream and shout back at this little spoiled brat, punk ass, insensitive, uncaring, imbecilic front monkey? I don’t get it.

You can learn a lot of things watching what goes on in the barnyard. I’ve got two horses and an old withered sheep that hang out together in my pastures. The sheep has had a bum leg for the past week or so. Those two horses exhibit a lot of concern for that poor old sheep., They hang out at the barn for long periods of time when I know they’d rather be up in the pastures eating fresh grass and they won’t leave it’s side when it does make it up to the pasture. There's a certain connection between living beings that can manifest itself in many different ways.

I‘ve got a lot more respect for those horses than I do for the current President of the United States or any of his handlers.

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