Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tidbits of Headlines with Sagacious Notes

NASA finds gouge on Endeavour's belly

SaggyHill - What a surprise. America’s space shuttle has turned into a cluster fuck of astronomical proportions. These guys have two priorities: one political, the other safety. They can't get either right they are so unfocused. A recent study suggested that nobody, from the top down has a vision of what NASA really is about.
How did the spirit of Apollo become so lost within NASA?

Virgin America enters airline fray
By JOHN WILEN, AP Business Writer
Thu Aug 9, 10:47 AM ET

NEW YORK - Just as major airlines are beginning to return to profitability after cutting capacity to lower costs and boost profits, Virgin America entered the fray.

SaggyHill - I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Airlines in other countries have not been as hard pressed as American airlines have been. I’ve wondered for some time now when an off shore company is going to enter the market and teach the domestics how to run an airline. Now if we can get the federal gov’t to get their shit together and begin running our airways and airports in a way that makes sense and reflects reality we might get back to some sort of efficient system of high speed transportation.

Bush war adviser says draft worth a look

SaggyHill - Good idea. Now let’s see if this generation of spoiled self centered brats reacts like my generation of spoiled self centered brats did.

Giuliani: I misspoke about ground zero
AP - Fri Aug 10, 7:11 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he misspoke when he said he spent as much time, if not more, at ground zero exposed to the same health risks as workers combing the site after the Sept. 11 attacks.

SaggyHill - “Misspoke?!” He lied like the slimey little New York politician that he is. “Misspoke” my ass. This guy is about as creepy as any presidential candidate I’ve EVER seen.

Romney May Sweep Iowa Straw Poll

SaggyHill - HA! Surprise, surprise. A dull rich middle aged smiley faced white guy will win in Iowa. I wonder how Obama and Hillary will do against Edwards?

China to map "every inch" of moon surface: report
Fri Aug 10, 1:22 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) - China aims to chart every inch of the moon's surface, the chief scientist of the country's first lunar exploration program said in comments published on Friday.

SaggyHill - Big huge YAAAAWWWNNNN. Make sure you don’t miss all the footprints, tire tracks, descent stage rockets, lunar rover vehicles and other debris left behind by the American explorers who were there over 30 years ago.
Or maybe you’d like to borrow our hi-res photographs taken by numerous unmanned lunar craft and eight different crews who spent a total of weeks in orbit around the moon and on it’s surface. That will save you a lot of bother. Maybe spend some of that money cleaning up your backyard.

Brain chemical has key role in ADHD: studies
Reuters - Mon Aug 6, 4:01 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two studies published on Monday showed the importance of a brain chemical in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with researchers saying it might help explain why people with ADHD often are substance abusers.

SaggyHill - Well great. Couldn’t you have come up with this 40 yrs ago BEFORE I went through hell getting a college degree and later all those months of rehab?! Geez, a little too late, but thanks anyway. See Mom, it wasn't just because I was a bad boy.

Rare White Dolphin Declared As Extinct
By CHARLES HUTZLER Associated Press Writer
BEIJING Dec 13, 2006 (AP)

A rare, nearly blind white dolphin that survived for millions of years is effectively extinct, an international expedition declared Wednesday after ending a fruitless six-week search of its Yangtze River habitat.

SaggyHill - The Yangtze River is an industrial sewer. Environmental problems are not high on the Chinese government’s list of priorities. Remember that every time you buy some cheap POS “Made in China” product that you just can’t live without.

'Great Show': Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Sunday Night
Joe Skywatching
Sat Aug 11, 7:30 AM ET

The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to be at its best this year, producing one or two meteors per minute during peak hours.

SaggyHill - There’s not much more wondrous than a sky full of meteors.
Enjoy the show.

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