Friday, August 10, 2007

Who's running what in this country?

Day after day I hear people bitch and complain about George Bush. George Bush did this and George Bush wants to do that or George Bush believes this. . . are you people really that naive? Have you ever watched or listened to the Moron Monkey Boy who is posing as the President of the United States? This guy is more disconnected than Ronald Reagan in his last couple years. I know people who live father up the holler than I do with 4th grade educations that make more sense and have more commitment than this bozo when they talk.

Folks, you’re giving this little trust fund baby WAY too much credit. To begin with, this guy isn’t committed enough to anything to have an opinion of his own on anything. He has spent his life flitting from one thing to the next that his daddy set-up be it fighter jets in the ANG, an oil “exploration” company, the Texas Rangers baseball team or governor of Texass. If Bush the Elder didn’t set it up and his associates and accomplices in world crime didn’t give it their financial support, Baby George wouldn’t have had anything to do in his life. Look at reality folks; the Monkey Boy has accomplished NOTHING on his own in all his 60 some years. WTF makes you think he’s running this country? How in the hell would someone with such a miniscule amount of real life experience be making serious decisions effecting the future of our country and the world (this hillbilly shutters at the thought that maybe he is).

Get real America. This is a guy who had hardly traveled outside the borders of the United States before he became president. Curious George? Hardly. This is a guy who has a hard time constructing sentences and picking words and all the best language coaching in the world has not improved his skills very much over the past 8 yrs.

What really pisses me off is the way the mainstream media panders and tip toes around the obvious. Just yesterday watch some dumb talking head discussing how decisive and committed to principle the Top Moron (my words not the talking head’s) has become. What a fucking joke. The corporate royalists have simply decided “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.” They’re going to squeeze out every last drop they can get before their little 8 year party get severely attenuated with a left wing victory in ’08. They know it’s going to happen, so what the fuck, they’re like a crack addict that know the family is going to descend upon them in the morning and haul their ass away to rehab for 30 days, but the night is still young, they’ve got a loaded check card in their pocket ad they’re going to suck as much crack through that pipe as they can between now and morning. George Bush commited to principle? Uh huh. And the proles swallow it whole as the media dishes up another portion of neo-con spew.

Another thing that grinds my ass; Baby Bush is a punk. He’s a little smart assed playground punk. Am I the only one who notices the ever present smirk? Am I the only one who notices that no matter what he’s talking about, be it human disaster or his own war crimes, he always has that half cocked smirk on his face? What the hell kind of president is that? What the hell kind of human being is that? But it’s all part of his history. I remember hearing interviews with guys he went to college with who said he was a smart ass punk who liked to deride others at every opportunity. People who were in the ANG with him said he was an outcast who thought he was better than everyone else. I’m sure there are other sources for such information, but you get the idea. The guy is a punk. If he’d grown up in my part of the country like the rest of us, he’d have ended up sweeping the floors at Wal-Mart or maybe he’d have worked at the hardware store. He certainly wouldn’t have gotten into the ANG for flight training. He’d have never risen to the position of running anything more than the day clean-up shift and his political accomplishments would have been no more than maybe a position on the town recreation board.

So who does run the country? Who knows. Some bunch of corporate elitist whores I suspect. I don’t believe the guys at the top even talk much about Bush the Moron Monkey Boy except to marvel at how they’ve gotten away with what they have with such an incompetent puppet. They probably figured four years of raiding the national treasury and undermining the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States would have been great, but to get eight whole years?! I suspect there is some layer of bureaucracy the interfaces between the front line administration appointees who tell Bush the Chimp what to say at every occasion and the top dog corporate royalists.

I know, you’re probably right now thinking “wow, that hillbilly mother fucker is a regular conspiracy theorist.” Hardly. I don’t believe most conspiracy scenarios I hear. Oswald acted alone. What I’ve stated above seems obvious to me. You see, I have great respect for the office of President of the United States. I have great respect for the Constitution of the United States and the government that has been established around it. With that commitment, I pay close attention to what’s going on in this country. I have since I was a young boy growing up in the 60s. . . yea, grow up in the 60s. . . that’s my problem.

Like us hay farmers say: keep your equipment greased and pray for rain.


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