Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to my Sagacious Appalachian World

WTF?! I’m a blogger now? Yea sure. This’ll turn out like everything else I wrap my ADD brain around. . . a whole lot of self hype and excitement and then two weeks later. . . nothing. So stayed tuned and YOU can observe the mad workings of the Sagaciously ADD Hillbilly.

I was going to call myself the “AngryHillbilly,” but I noticed that there is a preponderance of “angry” bloggers and hell, I don’t have a damn thing to be angry about anyway. I’m a white American male with a slight bit of education and free time (obviously I’ve got too much “free time”). I’ve exerted minimum effort in life and received maximum gain. People like me have NOTHING to be angry about. Perhaps at some point in the future we’ll take a look at why so many white males are so damn angry (it better be soon as my attention to this effort will soon wane). We’ll also be looking at why so many white males are messing up this country, why they are such a bunch of fear filled morons and why they are so fucking insensitive or seemingly oblivious to what is REALLY happening in the world.

Wait a minute, maybe I DO have something to be angry about. These pissy assed white males are destroying this country and a few others besides. They’re selling away the future of my children and grandchildren. They’ve raided the national treasury and put us so far into debt that 60,000 Sam Waltons working for the rest of the millenium won’t get us out from under. Don’t I have the right to be angry about that? They’re blowing up other countries, killing hundreds of thousands of people getting thousands of American soldiers killed FOR NOTHING!!!! Angry? Me? Naaaw.

Terrorism?! Did you say “terrorism?!?!” You can take that term and blow it out your pitiful puny ass. “Terrorism” aint nuthin but a bunch of hype the corpo-fascist propagandists have used to scare the bejusus out of you (what’s “bejesus” and how does it get into you?) and make you fall in line while they pillage the national treasury and gut the Constitution of the United States. I love the Constitution of the United States. Why should I BE ANGRY??

Ok. you get the idea. We won’t be giving any ‘wink and nods’ to Alberto Gonezales here at Sagacious Hillbilly. We probably won’t say anything good about neo-cons or other lock stepping politicians. George Bush’s puppet masters won’t get no slack at all.

So stick around and pay attention kids as I sagaciously inform you of how the world really operates, but don’t expect anger or indignation. . . at least, not much. . . maybe.

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