Thursday, November 1, 2007

More from the Idiot Moron Monkey Boy President

Let's us not forget and ignore the fact that we have a complete moron acting as President of the United States. Here are two of his latest statements. Also remember, he's just a talking puppet. He doesn't really come up with this on his own any more than a mentally retarded person could negotiate a medical class in neurology.

Bush defends AG candidate Mukasey
By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Corresponden
WASHINGTON - President Bush, seeking to salvage the embattled nomination of Michael Mukasey as attorney general, on Thursday defended the former judge's refusal to say whether he considers waterboarding as illegal torture. But the nomination was expected to suffer another setback in the Senate.

Where do the corpo-fascists come up with these POS nominees. Will the dems cave on this one also?

Bush to Democrats: 'We are at war' AP
WASHINGTON - President Bush compared Congress' Democratic leaders Thursday with people who ignored the rise of Lenin and Hitler early in the last century, saying "the world paid a terrible price" then and risks similar consequences for inaction today.

See my post from a couple days ago. This idiot president is suposed to have been a history major at Yale. I guess that's how much history a rich kid with a daddy who pays for his education and grades has to learn. Just because you're an idiot who became president doesn't mean that a pack of idiots is a threat to the whole world on the scale of Hitler. Oh, and what's Lenin have to do with shit in this comparison? What a moron.
These corpo-fascist are a bigger threat on the scale of Hitler than that pack of rabid Islamic morons in the middle east.


TED VELVET said...

I called my senator, Chris Dodd to thank him for being the 1st one to say he was gonna sink this Mukasey pro torture fucker and for saying he would filibuster the new FISA telecoms immunity shit. I got a call back thanking me for the support. wow democracy!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Good deal Ted. We need to support our politicians when they do the right thing. I have my reps e-mail addresses on my list so I can regularly express my wishes, kudos and chides.

jedijawa said...

I've added you to my WV Blogroll. I like your take on things too.